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  1. The Character Data Thread

    AH!!! There is no info on hiruma's b-day!! NO!! Dang....i was really hoping to know when it is...and wat position is "S"? Sorry, I'm just really bad with acronyms.
  2. The real Eyeshield21 Thread

    Re: The real Eyeshield21 Theories Thread OKAY!! Sorry, i haven't really read all the post yet!! BUT all i wanna say is...i just CAN'T really picture Marco as the Real Eyeshield 21. Aside from that, there was a mention about the christmas bowl. Okay, seriously i don't think i want to watch the...
  3. All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread 2007

    Re: All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread! WOW!!! All the colorings are so great... i was considering entering my coloring.....but but..i thinks i'll hold off.......get a couple more colored..since i am extra extra slow. heh...
  4. All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread 2007

    Re: All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread! Haha..yea that was wat i was trying to say....St. Patrick's Day...haha
  5. All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread 2007

    Re: All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread! WOW!! I didn't even know that the art contest started for march in mid-feb. Welps...nice job guys...really nice so far. Just one RANDOM question. March doesn't have a theme?...haha..just wondering...But then i guess its hard to do a theme based on...
  6. Romance in ES21

    Love your little motion cartoon there...haha....but..WOW....arn't we going in a weird direction of paring off people....lets see if this is the case...i wold have to say HIRUMA and his guns...especially the machine gun he carries with him all the time!!!! (sorry...its soooo past valentines...
  7. Favorite moment, emotion moment?

    eh? you are coloring it now???? COOL!!!! I want to see it when your done???? Are you gonna enter it into the art compitions?
  8. Favorite moment, emotion moment? so many funny, favorite and emotional moments in eyeshield..haha Well, let me list mine from off the top of my head.... -sena takes off his helmet in front of Mamori ( i was already mentioned) -sena tears his plane ticket and tells everyone his name (this i believe was also...
  9. Romance in ES21

    I totally agree, i think it would bring a sorta weird atmosphere into the manga if sena and mamori did have a relationship. Well.... I think some people can have their imagination go wild..and wats so wrong with having yaoi. I think if their was such a situation it might even portray better to...
  10. The Hiruma Thread

    COOL!!! Eyeshield colorings in the art contest would be great!!!!!! To bad i would join...but coloring is my worst enemy!! Anyways i didn't know that eyeshield had omakes that wern't given out with the chapters...welps thanks for the info!! Edit: Welps, I just finished reading the...
  11. The Hiruma Thread

    WAAAAIIITT!!!!! Okay first off..yes i would also like to see hiruma's hair down..second...when did he buy an island??....(I probably don't know this since i just started reading the manga and am only on thier game against Seibu) AND you actually see hiruma's dad?...dang..i sure...
  12. All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread 2007

    Re: Manga Coloring of the Week (Amateur) Week # 7 Just wondering where this picture is from? I like it though...nice coloring silhouette. :)
  13. Manga Coloring of the Week #6-7 (Advanced)

    Hey where is this pic from? Nice colorin though!!
  14. Manga Coloring of the Week #4 (Amateur)

    awesome coloring!!! Keep up the great work peeps, i enjoyed looking at them!!
  15. make your team status from the best to the worse [ as many as [possible ]

    haha..funny i generally agree with xantos about the ranking except for i think that Kyoshin Poseidon should be before Taiyou Sphinx. haha..but yea i think Koigahama Cupids are the worst!!