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    Chapter Gantz 275 Discussion/ 276 Prediction Thread

    I think Kei is going to be revived after this cause, Katou hinted when he said "Kei-chan" that he plans to revive one of the strongest GantZ players with Kei Kurouno. I sure hope this is the last form cause this is starting to remind me of the Naraku/Inuyasha shit Lol. Well what else can Nuri...

    Chapter Gantz 269 Discussion/270 Prediction Thread

    Re: Gantz 269 Discussion/ 270 Prediction Thread I really hope this mission ends soon though, Gantz is not GantZ without Kurono :(

    Reborn! volume 19 (ch165-174) Discussion

    Re: Reborn! 172 Prediction Thread LOL, i bet that cat can turn into like a huge ass Tiger like that flaming cat in Inuyasha xD. I think they'll reveal the 11th squad captain that Byakuran mentioned fighting Mukurou. Thatll be the last page, and ummmmm Tsuna will perfect that attack by Target...

    Chapter 374 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 374 Prediction [Naruto] I'm thinking Pain became so sadistic and dangerous because, something happened to yahiko. That'll probably be explained like in chapter 375 after a fighting chapter 374 maybe. Also, on the Naruto dying thing, i don't think that'll happen at all or soon, Naruto...

    Chapter Gantz 257 Discussion/258 Prediction Thread

    It'll prolly be like 2 more Gantz games till they revive Kei, since its probably to early to revive him since they just killed him off 20 chapters or so ago. Hopefully he comes back though, he was hardcore shit kicking all dem aliens with that sexy sword and his gun. Kei Kurono FTW!!!

    Chapter Gantz 256 Discussion/257 Prediction Thread

    Re: Chapter 256 Discussion/Chap 257 Prediction Thread I bet Katou will try to single handedly kill the 100 pointer or the others but it proves to strong for him and when he's about to die yamazuki is going to pop out of no where and get killed instead :(. Every Gantz game a crisis of some sort...

    Chapter Gantz 252 Discussion/253 Prediction Thread

    That would be really wierd if the guy who beat the game 7 times looks exactly like Kurono sorta like a duple ganger =P.