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    Yamato vs Shin

    Well for most persons think one thing Yamato is slower then Shin :P sena and shin is even in speed but yamato is slower so i still say shin wins <.<
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    The Official Naruto Thread

    Re: Naruto is a Genius? Note that Naruto's father was the one creating the jutsu so it's not that weird that it took years to make?
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    Feedback The new Shoutbox Format!

    You could just make it look better it looks ugly but i like the grouping idea.
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 12 (Ch. 108-118) Discussion

    Re: D. Gray Man 117 Predictions The mysterios peolpe that you talk about is Connel generals or something like that and are the one's ordering the generals. IF yuo had watch the DMG Anime you whould have known that :P
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    351little colo of Sasuke

    Ohh nice work
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    The real Eyeshield21 Thread

    Re: The real Eyeshield21 Theories Thread Hehehe I cnow some of you does think there exist a tres21 but just face it it's akabane. Why whoud a volumes name be the real eysheild 21 otherwhise??
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    The Eyeshield21 ANIME Thread

    Re: where to find eyeshield21 anime with english sub from epi 49 onwards ?? There you can get all es that have been subbed by saizen
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    Christmas Bowl Discussion!

    Now in the match against Oujou White Knights some of the players will have some problems and have to evolve evon more and not just Kobayakawa Sena (Eyeshield 21), but also players as Jumonji Kazuki ,Kurita Ryukan and Raimon Taro (Monta). In the start of the match before Sena's and Shin's first...
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    Chapter 343 Discussions [Naruto]

    DONT GET MAD AT ME BECOUSE I LOVE NARUTO AND THINK THE LAST CAPS HAVE BEEN SUPER BUT IT'S JUST ONE THING THAT I DISLIKE. Am i the only one that think that Naruto is not that strong?? He can just use Kage bushin and Rasengan or as it now called Rasenshuriken!! I want him too show me some more...
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    Christmas Bowl Discussion!

    Re: Who thinks it will end with the Christmas Bowl? Sena will somehow manage to win over Shin in the decisive match that is now between them and Deimon goes to the Christmas Bowl where Riku is waiting for him. Sena will become recognized as the best running back in japan after deafeting Riku...
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    Eyeshield 21 Volume Covers

    I fond the english covers on Eyeshield and it's from 1 to 11 on Wikipedia!!! :smile-big And heres the name of all the volumes : # 1 Volume 1: The Boy With the Golden Legs # 2 Volume 2: The False Hero # 3 Volume 3: And They're Called the Devil Bats # 4 Volume 4: Intimidation # 5 Volume 5...
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    Jiraiya Mega Convo

    Re: Did Jiraiya training on Naruto pay off? I think that to but Kashi will not let us see how strong he really have become.. :notrust Saskue he's some super speed/sharingan freak so i don't think naruto can defeat him so easy even with the perfect Rasengan. Becouse what he's relly have/still...
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    Jiraiya Mega Convo

    Re: Did Jiraiya training on Naruto pay off? I think that it's a jutsu that is very stong agains Akutsu or something like that
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    Jiraiya Mega Convo

    Re: Did Jiraiya training on Naruto pay off? Nope it's not that's not even a jutsu It whould be fun too see that new jutsu and the strnger improved Rasengan in battle and i think after me masterd wind-multiply he's kage-bushin and other stuff is better