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  1. Chapter 309 Discussion [Naruto]

    Sasuke.. has more power then kyuubi?.. what a f**king joke..
  2. Chapter 309 Discussion [Naruto]

    What in the hell happened to kyuubi.. need emergency translation!!!
  3. Chapter 309 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 309 Predictions [Naruto] Not a bad idea.. and certainly possbile.. but i hope not.. better be yondaimes teleport jutsu.. or i'll be hoping mad.
  4. Don't you want to become a Magical Girl? (Galth's Thread)

    Re: The Ask Khaludh Thread i thought you was german....many apologies amigo. a dutch man, even better.... quality beer! was in amsterdam a few months ago, and it's pretty disgraceful... that the dutch speak better english, then most englishmen do...
  5. Don't you want to become a Magical Girl? (Galth's Thread)

    Re: The Ask Khaludh Thread ist meine duestch uber? were did you get your name from? do you wear cloggies?
  6. Naruto 299 Cover (BW & Colour) cleaned by Okyatoks

    Re: Naruto 299 Cover cleaned by Okyatoks great job okyat, i especially like the work on the zip
  7. Bleach Character Drawings by Gold Knight

    Nice job gk, very nice.
  8. Discussion Your Favorite FOOD? Etc.

    Pe-king duck, with egg fried rice.....extra drool.
  9. Chaper 296 Cover Cleaned - HQ

    Re: Chaper 296 cleaned cover nice job fuzzy, really clean especially from that raw - not a huge fan of the font though.
  10. The Zarosaki thread!

    Why not start from the current chapter? do 1 chapter a week/split the pages between your members. I think more people would download and appreciate your work, if you did that.
  11. Discussion Who Do You Think Is The Smartest Ninja In Naruto?

    Re: who do you think is the smartest ninja in naruto Out of that list, i gotta go with: 1:ORO 2:KAKASHI 3:KABUTO 4:SHIK 5:NARUTO If you taped naruto to the back of orochimaru, oro could use him as a battery which would pretty much make him the toughest peice of snake meat in the manga.
  12. The Zarosaki thread!

    Love your work guys, But why did you start at 245? you plan to do all naruto part 2? i personally would have a nose bleed at such a task.