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    Discussion Height

    It's usually dependent on what raws I get: 800-900 = LQ raws 1200 = resized HQ/MQ raws 1500 = very large HQ raws I like larger images mostly because my vision's horrible and it's easier for me to work with larger images.
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    Favorites YOUR TOP 20 MANGAS!

    1. Rurouni Kenshin - Manga that got me interested in manga/anime 2. Bleach - I don't know why I like it more than I should 3. Tales of Destiny: Hakanakikoku no Leon - I love the art and it's centered on one of my favorite video game characters. XD 3. Tales of Symphonia - Love the art style...
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    Chapter Bleach -108 Discussion

    Re: Bleach -108 Discussions/-107 Predictions I think I've started to get it now... *copy-pasted from my livejournal* I think I'm probably the last person to realize this... D: "Is it me, or maybe the strange numbering of the omake chapters signify the time before the present timeline? That...
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    Chapter Bleach 315 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 315 Predictions I'm glad that this chapter is more story-based than the past couple gore-filled, kinda redundant battle chapters. Epic-ness can indeed be achieved in a chapter even if there is no blood. So, I guess those stuck in Hueco Mundo will take care of any remaining...
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    Mag Talk Jump SQ (Shueisha)

    Re: The official Jump Square thread *Checks* It looks like Ju-da-su has been here already~ I hope using the RAWs of Tales of Innocence is okay with you~ *wink* I'm extremely looking forward to it~ Thanks for all of your hard work!
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    Question The “Looking For” Manga Thread

    Re: Game-based mangas Eternia v5 c24 was released by Cabbit a while ago (becire they split), and Boku-tachi has not decided to "skip" to 25. So for ToE, you'll have to wait until Boku-Tachi catches up (which will take a while). I'm pretty sure there's no other group at the moment that...
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    Language What Languages do you know?

    English - fluent Chinese - native, but due to living outside the country, I can't really get the hang of all the idioms French - Learning Other languages studied Latin - Just 2 years' worth of material Planning to learn Japanese (on my own time) added ^^
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    How did you get your username?

    I signed up at gaiaonline a number of years ago, with a rather crappy username. So my friend decided to help me find another one. After much brainstorming, she said "Mi-chan". The thing was...that username was already taken. So, being the Rurouni Kenshin fan that I was and still am, I put "ken"...
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    How did you come across MangaHelpers?

    Re: How did you come across MANGAHELPERS?! I just started my Edited Mangas group and we were all novices, so a search here and there for help (especially with cleaning) led me here ^-^""
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    Where Do You Come From?

    Beijing, China But my chinese is pretty horrible ^-^""" added ^^
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    New Manga Editor Membergroup!

    Wings of an Angel We work on Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Symphonia as of the moment -- I'm not sure how exactly the qualities stack up, but I know there's at least 5 MQ releases in there... ^-^"" Done :) Hope to see more of your scans here
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    Hangout The Games Hangout Thread

    Re: What games are you currently playing?/ The Games Thread Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP) - Entirely worth the import ^-^
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    Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Re: Font Download Problems Okay, Thanks~! It worked this time.
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    Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Re: Font Download Problems Well, I send the files from inside the RAR into the Fonts folder manually - it's the only way I know how to... So yeah - even manually, it gives me the font errors...
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    The Ju-da-su Thread

    It's "Wings of <i>an</i> Angel"~ But it's okay~ Thanks for all your work on the ToA project~!