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    Anime New Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [OVA vs Genius 10]

    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [New OVA on October 29] I've seen the 15 min long video of the OVA and saw the same problems I had with the Shinteni anime. Oh well, it's still better than nothing. ---------- Post added at 01:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:40 AM...
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    Request New Username Request Thread

    I would like to have my username change to MochiRoll. Thanks! done
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    Anime HxH MadHouse Anime Discussion! (Use Spoilers for safety...) - Part 4

    I can hear Hiroki Takahashi's 1999 Hisoka in Pariston during this ep, I swear! That chuckle! Like, really, Namikawa Daisuke is one of the most talented seiyuu of his generation and his take on MadHouse's Hisoka is absolutely brilliant but, for me, Hirokin is and will always be Hisoka. And...
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    Chapter Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 126, 127, 128 and 129 Discussion/Predictions

    Tiny bit of character development? Ugh. Okay, I understand the frustration of not seeing Ryoma lose an official match. But to overlook his progress throughout his own manga is just unfair. Ryoma went from someone who only plays for himself (chapter 13)... someone wanting to...
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    Anime New Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [OVA vs Genius 10]

    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [New OVA announced] Kamiyan has consecutively won most votes award in the seiyuu awards. He is already incredibly popular. So popular that I think the chance of getting him to play a role in PoT is slim. Tenipuri already got some of the...
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    Hangout New Prince of Tennis General + Q&A

    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Hangout Thread Official twitter account of Konomi? It was only created about 7 hours ago and is already being followed by PoT seiyuus so I guess its safe to assume its official. There are also sketches of Ryoma, Ryoga and Byoudoin...
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    Voting Best Scene [Anime Only]

    I nominate Gon's simulation of Jajanken to Morel The first "meeting" of Gon, Killua, Kite with Pitou Gon's "second reunion" with Kite You can tell, I'm a big fan of the Chimera Ant arc animation. :teehee
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    Voting Best Character Design

    I nominate Neferpitou and
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    Voting Best Villain [Manga-Only] - SPOILERS

    Re: Best Villain [Manga-Only] I nominate the Chimera Ant King, Meruem. Chapter 314 sealed the deal for me, character development at its finest...
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    Voting Best Episode [Anime Only]

    A very, very tough match between episodes 85 and 95. Both are highly emotional (Kite's death in 85 and Kite and Gon's "reunion" in 95) but MadHouse's topnotch animation of Gon's Jajanken gave me unimaginable goosebumps. Yes, I'll go for episode 95. edit: So we can actually nominate three eps...
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    Voting Best Male Character

    I nominate Killua Zoldyck, the best written character in the series.
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    Request New Username Request Thread

    Hi! I would like to change my username to 'Dressrosa'. Thanks! done
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    Anime New Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [OVA vs Genius 10]

    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Hangout Thread So TENIPURI FESTA 2013 was held today in Budokan and apparently, Konomi just announced a new season for the New Prince of Tennis anime. Actually, I am really not sure if it's really a new season or just an OVA but it's clear that there will be new stuffs...
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    Chapter One Piece 663 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 663 Discussion / 664 Prediction This was a great chapter. One of the most hilarious actually. Luffy's Trafal-guy/Traffy. XD Luffy being depressed over losing Leggy. Him playing and jumping with the kids while Usopp was explaining. Sanji/Nami's interactions..glorious. Especially...
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    Who should've joined the Strawhats from the ones who were left behind?

    ^Bon Kurei, yes! More that anyone in the OP world, outside the Mugiwaras, he displayed the greatest amount of loyalty, trust, dedication and sacrifice for Luffy. I don't care how many or who might join the Straw Hats in the future, I just want Bon-chan with them...again.