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  1. Nato

    388 - 04 by DD!

    WOW, DD! For me, this is one of the most amazing art of yours... focus, blood, shade, everything is very beatyful! It's a masterpiece.;)
  2. Nato

    357.Cover - Following Amaretti-sama steps

    Thanxx a lot GrayFoxx! I agree with you! There was an extra layer called extra_reflection in the file where I put some more glow. Now I see it was better without it! ;) Thanx
  3. Nato

    357.Cover - Following Amaretti-sama steps

    Whaz' up, people!??:p I bought my brand new tablet and just decided start it by using Amaretti's Advanced tutorial steps. I love Amaretti coloring style and I hope one day I'll have 1/10 of his techiniques! Cover comment (on left) is in Portuguese, I'm brazillian XD (Brazillians, where are...
  4. Nato

    Info Naruto Music Downloads and Info

    I WANT HE SINGLEEEES! You may go along with me that there are a lot of japanese music that are like sushi... you start liking only the 3rd time you try... "Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni", "Namikaze Satellite" and this current ending "Kimi Monogatari" are axamples (in my opinion). There are few...