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  1. Discussion So what's the deal with manga scans anyway?

    LQ before HQ has become a tradition, most Manga Editors still think that is what to be done and some even take it to cam shot XL-Low Quality. I just think they in a hurry to see who released the chapter first, but they don't get that its not the speed that counts its the quality. Where is Inane...
  2. Chapter 225 Discussions [Bleach]

    Re: 225 Predictions [Bleach] what figure???? images dude
  3. Chapter 305 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 305 Prediction [Naruto] that will be 2 dumb... im telling you oroshimaru will kill sai or at least badly injured. Naruto will try going Kyubi again but he won't since he must still recover. so then in some twisted action and drama sasuke will appear and chapter will end.
  4. Chapter 305 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 305 Prediction [Naruto] Oroshimaru will kill sai
  5. Chapter 221 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: 221 Prediction [Bleach] the scanners are probably K.O... lets just wait all weekend long and have HQ
  6. Chapter 220 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: 220 Predictions [Bleach] ishigo will go all hallow then.. in a ironic way turn back to normal with that surprising theme. "the likes of you can never beat me"
  7. Chapter 219 Discussion [Bleach]

    i was told a raw is on the net on a chinese website
  8. Chapter 213 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: Chapter 213 Discussion poor grimjaw got hi's arm removed