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    Movie Evangelion Rebuild

    Re: Evangelion (Movie Rebuilt) Wow...it looks GREAT!! ...but I think I'm too obsessed when I think how the original series didn't use CG (or at least, I *think* o.O) and Rebuilt does...but I guess nothing is wrong with a sort-of-update, right?! (Or maybe I just love hand-drawn too much -.-)...
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    Anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

    Re: Code geass I have to agree with pretty much everything that's been said - the voice acting was AMAZING, as was the storyline fight scenes...definatly one of my favorites!! I finally managed to watch a subbed version of the last two episodes, and sat there with my jaw dropped practically...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa 148 Discussion Thread And there goes my brain...seriously! I was sitting there gaping at that double page spread for like five minutes! *_* Clamp are torturous artists...but at least we learnt *teensy* bit more about Fai, right? (I've been waiting for a bit more about him!)
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    Favorites Your Favourite Shoujo Manga

    I don't think I've read any shoujo titles, and to be honest I sometimes find it hard to tell the difference between genres! (I SWEAR some shounen mangas are more like shoujos...). What titles I've read by CLAMP I love - the only shoujo titles I think I've read by them are Card Captor Sakura...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa RC 144 Predictions Thread I don't know WHY I did, but when I read about how 'She' could transport Sakura to another world I just shouted out 'Chi!' ...but somehow I doubt that it would be another Chi =P Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird that the group hasn't met other...
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    Discussion Manga/Anime/Asian Drama - Bishounen! :D

    Re: Bishonen My friend said I should keep a list of all the bishounen I've ever had (including current ones) since she said I change my mind so often. I update it whenever I remember to, and I think I'm at 45 *hangs head, embarassed* But to keep this short (I don't really want to share my...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa 142 Discussion Thread I don't like the 'new' Sakura...I mean, it's great that she has such confidence and strength now, but she just scares me a bit XD It seems like Kurogane is the only character who hasn't changed really... I really can't wait to find out more about Fai - it feels...
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    Games The Final Fantasy Thread!

    I've been meaning to get a hold of the earlier games on PS or GBA but I never seem to have the money! I'll keep my eyes leeped though *_*
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    Life 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Hmm...I'll start with the obvious stuff XD 1. My name is Becki Fisher 2. I hate sharing my full name 3. I'm a girl 4. My birthday is the 31st of May 5. I have size 6 feet 6. I'm 5ft5 7. I'm EXTREMELY proud of the fact that I am 1cm taller than Aeeith from Final Fantasy VII 8. I have dark brown...
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    Where Do You Come From?

    I'm (another!) person from London, England! ^-^ Alrighty, I'll add ya~! ~LadyH.
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    Games The Final Fantasy Thread!

    1) I admit I've only played a couple or so, but I love VII X3 2) Sephiroth!! 3) ...Sephiroth X3 4) Bahumunt or Knights of Round 5) VII X3 6) Either going through the whole Battle Arena *just* to get omnislash or the boss battle at the Macarania (?) Temple in X (both took me a while because I'm...
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    Archived Introduction Thread - Part 1

    Re: Introduction Thread (I'm NEVER good at introductions) My name's Becki (aka. oneiwngedsoldier). I'm 16 and I live in the UK! My favorite anime.manga include Death Note, Tsubasa Chronicle, Loveless, Saiyuki, Ghost in the Shell and Akira (I have tons more but I'll just go on and on *_*). I...
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    Shounen Death Note by Ohba Sugumi & Obata Takeshi

    Re: Favorite character? I liked most of the characters, but my three main favorites are Raitou (it's his intelligence and the whole 'just as I planned' thing that really stunned me in the manga XD), Ryuuku (because he's just so funny) and Matsuda (the way he acts sometimes is just so cute I...
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    Favorite Minor Character

    I voted Kamui X3 I just love him so much...but honestly I like Seishirou (who wasn't listed! ;_; ) better, probably because I'm so interrested in his connection with Suberu (aaah, I love Suberu too!! >.<) Admittedly, one character I didn't expect to end up liking was Xing Huo...I just started to...
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    Favorite Character

    I like Kurogane! I like the fact that even though he doesn't get too close to the other characters he seems to give the most comfort and support to them (though that's just sorta my opinion =P)...plus he's a strong guy and is very handsome too X3 Just as an extra thing, my favorite secondary...