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  1. Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 430 Discussion/ 431 Predictions Thread - Part 2 Don't forget Baki from the Sand Villiage used the wind element as well. Which makes 4, 5 if you count our man of 5 hearts Kakuzu
  2. Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 429 Spoiler Discussion Thread That's not a totally out of the question idea. We don't know what happens when you summon the death god. We've only assumed that it kills you. Maybe it just takes you to another plain that is like limbo. It'd be very DB of kishi, but maybe Ma and...
  3. Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 423 Discussion / 424 Predictions What makes me think that he isn't dead is that he thinks "Were we too late.." on page 16. To me this says that he still has something planned, or is waiting to see a result of some sort. Maybe the attack is a latent affect that will cause Pein to...
  4. Naruto Volume 45 (Ch. 413-422) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 418 Spoiler Discussion did u forget about enma?
  5. Naruto Volume 45 (Ch. 413-422) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 418 Spoiler Discussion You could always translate it yourself! Then you'd be the first every time!!! [onTopic] Funny that a bird is enough to mess up his balance. I guess once you actually enter hermit mode it's ok to move?
  6. Naruto Volume 45 (Ch. 413-422) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 416 Spoiler Discussion I think it's pretty obvious the Icha-Icha was the right book. "The real one isn't there." I.e. Nagato isn't ever actually at the fight. I'm not trying to dredge up what I'm sure was a really long debate somewhere, just saying I don't think that J would have...
  7. Naruto Volume 45 (Ch. 413-422) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 415 Discussions / 416 Predictions I think that "maybe now I can do it" is the jutsu that way back J-man said, "And Naruto don't use that jutsu" because maybe he wasn't able to? Whatever "it" is I'm of the opinion that it's a jutsu of some sort
  8. Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 398 Discussion / 399 Predictions He did defeat him at the valley of the end, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it was right away. Obviously at some point there had to have been a truce, or there wouldn't have been a Konoha, I thought the 1st & 2nd founded Konoha, not the 1st and...
  9. Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 394 Predictions [Naruto] I think Itachi is indeed dead. When Sasuke hit him with the Dragon lightening jutsu he lost his atkatsuki cloak. Also, there is some significance that itachi did the forehead poke that he used to do to Sasuke when he was little, I don't know what it is, but...
  10. Chapter 387 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 387 Predictions [Naruto] Well here is my prediction. To me it looked like Sasuke's eyes where changing in the last frame on page 17. There is clearly a break in the pupil of his left eye. Now many Kishi was being sloppy, but I'm inclined to think otherwise. I think that this chapter...
  11. Rinnegan discussion thread

    Re: Summoning Well one big thing, is that Nagato's Summons all have the Rinnegan eyes, which tells me that he is controlling them not via a blood contract, but rather via Nin/Gen Jutsu of some sort. As for Jir, he didn't merge with the summons I don't think. They seem to be two small frogs...
  12. Rinnegan discussion thread

    Re: Rinnegan abilities. I don't think it will have anything to do with manipulating space/time like the MS I think it has to do with possessing people/creatures. Looking at the summons they have both had Rin'negan-like eyes. And then there is the fact that nagato has at least six bodies to...
  13. Chapter 365 Discussion [Naruto]

    The Yonbi was the old man! (2 unkown) 1-4 leaves 3 left
  14. Discussion Naruto is getting worse/boring/unattractive Thread

    Re: My almost-coherant rant on boring Naruto powers. I can sort of see your point. There are a couple things I would dispute: 1st - Shikamru: Shika didn't change the form of his Jutsu. He can't make a shadow tiger that will maul someone. He merely upgraded is Kage Jutsu so that it was no...
  15. Chapter 354 14-17 double spreads by Amaretti

    Does he have tutorials anywhere? This is just phenomenal work