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    Spoiler Black Clover Chapter 290 Spoilers & Discussion

    Threre're 2 things I don't understand, how did Asta arrive before the BBs, when Finral can teleport them (and already placed portals to Spade kingdom a week before)? Didn't Asta just use his Unity mode against the gigantic demon in Clover? And now he uses it again? What's his restore mode on...
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    Chapter Edens Zero Chapter 139 Spoilers & Discussion

    Pretty good chapter. Somethings off with Ijuna. Maybe she was a former Rebel or smh??
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    Discussion Black Clover Chapter 289 Spoilers & Discussion

    The last few chapter felt kinda predictable and dull at the same time, since Asta's arrival.
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    On Break One Piece Chapter 1010 Discussion

    Zeus bout to be assassinated by his fam.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 1009 Discussion

    BM is the epitome of tokenism of a strong female character in OP. Ridiculous, I'm pissed off.
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    Edens Zero Chapter 136 Spoilers & Discussion

    Lol Weisz telling Shiki to shut up. Honestly a mood Does anyone feel like the broadcast chick ( dark hair, square eyes and defined lips) could be related to Laguna? They kinda look familiar, but it could just coincidence in design choice. We didn't even get Laguna's react to her. Guess Im just...
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    Black Clover Chapter 287 Spoilers & Discussion

    God, I hope not. Personally, I don' t want Asta to be involved in a lot of fights this arc. Give others some spotlight, they deserve it.
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    Black Clover Chapter 287 Spoilers & Discussion

    I hope it doesn't turn into an easy fight now that Asta is here. I want blood, sweat and tears from anyone involved.
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    Edens Zero Chapter 135 Spoilers & Discussion

    Why are the guys covered head to toe, girls braws and a cape. Give us shirtless Shinki and Weisz, and Laguna in a tank top( we all know he would slay it)...
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    Black Clover Chapter 286 Spoilers & Discussion

    Uuu, maybe it's Zenon's demon? It woule be a nice way to tie them into the plot. Honestly doubt it myself, it would be cool.
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    One Piece Chapter 1007 Discussion

    Bonney crossed my mind as well. Hiyori isn't that surprising, Toki is kind of out of the question, maybe it's Kinemon's wife?
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    Black Clover Chapter 284 Spoilers & Discussion

    Isn't more like, if you can use runes you can learn True magic? Runes are a step down from True magic. From a realistic standpoint you would still have to learn True magic after you learn runes, but from story's point ( and the fast plot) they go hand in hand over those 6 months. I find it a...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 1006 Discussion

    Wouldn't surprise me, if he didn't. Still not over we didn't see anything from Compote either.
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    Edens Zero Chapter 132 Spoilers & Discussion

    Being a prodigy doesn't make you aquire everything at the start with no effort, just less effort than needed for the average person. It just becomes a power move rather than a example of skill.