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    Cleaning Tips on Cloning/Redrawing?

    i would only use it, if you have a lot of small patches all over the area and weren't able to adjust the shading perfectly. but be careful not to overuse it, otherwise the lines will become blurry. if you want some examples, i made some chapters at my redrawing tutorial ch 3 / 4 and ch 13 about...
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    Misc Attempt Could someone criticize that cleanning?

    you don't have to redraw stuff, which is already their. about your jacket go with something simple. or with Gradonil_Ral's version
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    Cleaning Advanced Redrawing methodes

    Chapter 15 - Spiky Bubbles it's really hard to redraw something like that the first problem is the spotty lines and fading out if you want to redraw that "perfect", the only way is at raw size. the following is a close enough redraw at final size. first redraw the background. when have...
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    Cleaning Advanced Redrawing methodes

    Chapter 2 - speedlines over patterns here we have a typical example of the problem: and here how it looks like after we are done: as always here's the psd file: rd_demo_2.psd 1st step: always with such a redraw, i paint everything white what i won't need any longer. normally i always draw...
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    Request New Username Request Thread

    i would like to change my name to: Rain441 thx :^_^ done
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    Cleaning Advanced Redrawing methodes

    Original Post here TOC: Color Pages speedlines over patterns Patterns Advanced Patterns How to make your own patterns dealing with different shades of patterns Layer Masks typical shoujo pattern Spreads Effects 1 Effects 2 Smoky Patterns Fixing Patterns after redrawing Clouds Spiky Bubbles...
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    Autumn 2010 Amateur Coloring Contest

    Aphorism v03 c07 Title Page Color KHR c303
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    Misc Attempt Magazine raw cleaning tips [shoujo]

    i tried to level your first sample^^ my result: click!