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  1. Who do you think will be next to discover their spiritual powers?

    my theory is those who were effected by the *name of item aizen took from rukia's body* well that thing .. caused some kind of aura thing happening .. and it effected chad and inoue + ichigo's constantly flowing reiatsu = weird ass powers . . so i guess tatsuki would have been effected too ...
  2. Valentine's Day in Torroja

    sooooo about chapter 8
  3. Chapter 262 Discussion [Bleach]

    z0mg z0mg awesome chapter no? It would be pretty cool if chad died. . sure his a great character . . . but that goes to show that the story goes on and main characters do pass on . . gives it more of a surreal feeling. . if im using the right context here. .
  4. Which Bleach Mystery intrigues you the most?

    That is something your not suppose to think about .. its a story some dude is making up . . . Your getting tooo into it Istaria :S
  5. Which Bleach Mystery intrigues you the most?

    i shall now call you names. . FANBOY! *throws flame* .. but bleh i say it was like a catalyst still . . . it would be pretty stupid if ichigo had the power to do that.. . the writer would be like over-killing ichigo being the z0mg super duper main protagonist can do all this things .. . i...
  6. Which Bleach Mystery intrigues you the most?

    thanks kiddo7 ^^ but if you think about it. . it does kind of work out . . since Rukia's gigai contained the orb ( what ever its called ) and she was always present through out the time when the character development occured, it adds up as my previous post said.
  7. Which Bleach Mystery intrigues you the most?

    I thought maybe since rukia was around, the gem thing in her uhm body thing. . ( sorry dont remember by bleach names anymore ) ... my point is The thing that Aizen uses to make his army . . well yeah that thing .. Wasnt that also present around Chad and Inoue? Maybe that + ichigo's reitsu =...
  8. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 331)

    When i read GK's Comment about the Naruto Kakashi disguise . . it seemed to (kind of) make sense . . If kakashi was naruto disguised. . he could have left his clones to still be training . . since his now quite experienced with his Bunshins he should be able to hold them for a larger period of...
  9. devil fruit possible extensions

    that sooo doesnt make sense. . .
  10. Chapter 330 Discussion [Naruto]

    was that shadow or wind chakra shikamaru put on the knuckle blades? is it me or is kurunai's eyes similar to AL . . :S
  11. Chapter 251 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: 251 Predictions [Bleach] Wonderweise could be the ultimate arrancar or something *shrugs*
  12. Chapter 329 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 329 Predictions [Naruto] My theory is . . Naruto is the 4th! Reincarnated as a little boy! *nods*
  13. Pinoy Thread

    Re: The Pinoy Hang Out Thread! dami pala pinoy dito xD
  14. Hidan Mega-Convo

    Re: Hidan . . You forgot Cell!!
  15. Hidan Mega-Convo

    Since hidan was like.. alive when his head got cut off . . What if he got cut in half from Head To Toe ? Like from the top of his head to this feet :S And how about of he was cut from left to right . . like his front and his back :s would that even work :S EDIT: Title edited for clarification -...