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  1. Shounen What exactly happens in sakura tsuushin in the en

    I've finally looked at the final raw volumes of the series and trying to figure out what happens. Seems urara has to take some serious surgery in the end which makes me wonder if it's something terminal. Also she decides to break up with touma in the end and can' tell where their relationship...
  2. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 170 Discussion/171 Predictions (No Chapter Next Week)

    I'm super confused with this chapter I thought takizawa turned over a new leaf and wanted to protect amon why is he just watching. Also if amon has to be saved by takizawa then amons pretty trash as a ghoul. And I don't even get wtf utas rambling about.
  3. Chapter Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 260 Discussion/261 Predictions

    I wonder why they are acting surprised she used the tentacles with peanut butter when they literally able to see her use it.
  4. Chapter Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 260 Discussion/261 Predictions

    The dish Erina made actually looks pretty appetizing and it' nice to see her actually having fun cooking. Azami now looks like the feeble one infront of erinas cooking. I'm predicting after ousting azami it will go back to normal and the previous elite 10 can reclaim their seats on condition...
  5. Chapter Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 260 Discussion/261 Predictions

    I don't think so the academy lasts for 3 years. They are still mid way in the last semester of the school year as first years. With that the 3rd year elites will be graduating soon giving soma another chance to challenge him. But as for where the series can go from here soma's still got a ways...
  6. Predictions Tokyo Ghoul:re Prediction Game (Final Results)

    Are we allowed to make multiple predictions?
  7. Discussion Kaneki's constant manipulation in the series

    Can' really tell what that scenes from or who that is.
  8. Discussion Coolest Kakuja or who else think Kuzen Yoshimoura had the coolest Kakuja?

    Simply based on design takizawa's is my favorite like how it' designed like a knight.
  9. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 169 Discussion/170 Predictions

    Where on it does it show the number 2? If furuta was associated with a tarrot card I would think it's the fool and that's associated with the number 0.
  10. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 169 Discussion/170 Predictions

    I wonder why furuta was cursing kanou maybe he' upset he decided to kill himself. I'm pretty sure furuta knew kaneki was still alive I think he' just playing dumb like his regular troll self. I'm pretty sure renji is holding back with uta but I'm pretty sure due renji not being his younger...
  11. Discussion Kaneki's constant manipulation in the series

    Throughout this series kaneki has been constantly manipulated all the way till this point. Furuta has decisively manipulated kaneki till this point and he did it by knowing how kaneki thinks he knew he would come back alone, shoulder everyone's lives on his own and make a last desperate attempt...
  12. Discussion What do you think Arima's and Eto's goals for Kaneki truly were?

    I don't think arimas and etos goals for kaneki were necessarily the same they both wanted him to be the one eyed king. I think arima sincerely wanted to change world for the better but I think eto just cared about stirring a change unconcerned with the results. I think arima, eto and furuta took...
  13. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 168 Discussion/169 Predictions

    I see renji versus uta as a stalemate unless he does something underhanded And see donato toying with amon Until back up arrives and they dip
  14. Discussion My thoughts on what Furuta and the Clowns are really planning

    So we know the clowns are working with furuta and I they're clearly trying to stall for something. A couple a chapters ago we saw furuta and group finding an egg which appeared to have rize inside it. My thoughts is that's not the real rize but something the dragon body produced and the source...