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    It was explained before that Yamato is Team 7 new leader because he is able to hold down Naruto's Kyuubi tranformations.
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    Chapter 340 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 340 Predictions [Naruto] Sai is going to find Hidan's ring and become the next Akatsuki member :). I think that Naruto's new jutsu is long range since it's called as shuriken. Shuriken is a throwable weapon so there's some meaning that Kishimoto named it this way. Kakuzu is going to run...
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    Chapter 339 Discussion [Naruto]

    When was the last time i felt this feeling after reading Naruto? I was just shivering when this big-mouthed octopussy was fearing Naruto after just complaining about that he is already beaten up. About Shikamaru's fight i have only one thing to say. It was one of the best fights in my opinion...