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    Drama The Asian Drama Thread

    Did anyone here watch N no Tame ni last season (Fall 2014)? After seeing the results of the recent J-drama Academy Awards, I was pretty happy it got quite a few awards despite it's not-that-great viewership ratings. I felt it was a really good drama that deserved more attention. It wasn't...
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    Shoujo Orange by TAKANO Ichigo

    Chapter 11 is available on Crunchyroll! :zomg I really like how this chapter delved into the whole issue of the future changing and the contents of the letters not being as relevant as they used to be. Suwa and Naho used to depend on the letters like a crutch, doing as they said (or trying to)...
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    Help Short & Quick Translation Request Thread [Thread for members with little/no JP/C/K knowledge. OP for

    Re: Short & Quick Translation Request Thread (Thread for members with little/no JP knowledge. OP for instruction.) It's from chapter 303, so you could have looked for the scanlation (or translation in the archives) and compared... :p But just for the hell of it:
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    Shoujo Orange by TAKANO Ichigo

    Re: [Shoujo] Orange by TAKANO Ichigo Ah... this is really sad news for such a promising manga :( I was afraid it would come to this. I do wonder why she suddenly decided to throw aside her pen and stop drawing manga, and why she stopped right in the middle of one! Kinda strikes me as a bit...
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    Shoujo Orange by TAKANO Ichigo

    Re: [Shoujo] Orange by TAKANO Ichigo Ahhh >< I was wondering why there still hasn't been a release yet. Orange is indeed not listed on this/next month's Betsuma line-up :( That's a real shame. Orange was fast becoming one of my favorite shoujo, even if it was only 9 chapters long. I tried...
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    Done Problem with a sentence

    Looks like 泣 to me but I'm not 100% sure. But it seems to fit since the woman is crying. Maybe with more context from the other pages you can ascertain if it makes sense. If I'm right then the translation would go something more like, "why the heck are you crying!?" ("the heck" added to show...
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    Discussion What is your favorite insert song?

    Insert songs form practically the backbone of Macross Frontier, since it involves songstresses. Here's a medley of most of the songs, which I really love :amuse Nyan Nyan Service Medley And then there's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann :kamina ...which really wouldn't be what it is without ROW ROW...
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    Hangout Current Favourite J-Song

    They may not be the best singers but you gotta admit this song is catchy~
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    Movie Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Film

    るろうに剣心 RUROUNI KENSHIN Genre: Samurai, Historical, Action Original Serialization: Weekly Shounen Jump 1994-1999 Summary:Rurouni Kenshin was a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Watsuki Nobuhiro. The fictional setting takes place during the early Meiji period in Japan. The story...
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    Shounen Rurouni Kenshin by Watsuki Nobuhiro

    I finally got around to reading chapter 0, it was pretty meh in my opinion. I was initially thinking of translating it since I had some time on my hands but after reading it, I decided it wasn't really worth the time :sweat I have no idea if anyone elsewhere has posted any sort of summary but if...
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    Done [JP] Help with translating sentences

    It's 紫織 as in the name Shiori. As for the first sentence, without more context I would probably go with "Yet, when my mum sees..." For the second sentence, I would make a correction. 「頭がおかしくなりそう」 is a fairly common phrase in Japan and is usually used in the context of "I can't take this...
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    Shoujo Orange by TAKANO Ichigo

    Re: [Shoujo] Orange by TAKANO Ichigo I don't think I can stand waiting till January for the next chapter :gwah I think Naho was probably just very relieved when she realized that Suwa was also receiving these letters. I'm sure she felt burdened and alone, thinking she was the only one who...
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    Shoujo Orange by TAKANO Ichigo

    Re: [Shoujo] Orange by TAKANO Ichigo I really like this manga. I started reading it randomly when only a chapter was out and the more I read it, the more I like it! It's nice and refreshing, still distinctly shoujo and yet a breath of fresh air in the genre. The artwork is not fantastic, but...
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    Help [JP] The Official Kanji Ask-for-Help Thread

    The second word looks like 考 to me, but I can't make out the rest. And it looks like it could be "で見たよ" rather than "を"? But with the font that small I can't really say for sure, the dakuten can't really be seen (if they're even there)...
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    Thank you, Bakuman.

    Seeing this manga end has a really bittersweet feeling for me. On one hand, I am truly happy that it got a good ending that wasn't too dragged out (though I still maintain that there were certain arcs that were a bit "useless" in terms of overall plot progression). On the other, I am deeply...