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    Chapter Bleach 684 Discussion

    I'm still happy about it. It had its ups and downs but the begining of this arc was really really good. It seems to end kinda meh but it's something ive gotten for free for years and I have at times been very entertained by the work put into the manga and I love the art work and use of negative...
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    Question Chapter 681 Explained

    Yeah I've pretty much given up on understanding Bachs powers. It can only make as much sense as we can come close to while fan theorizing but other than that it's just a Kuboism.
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    Chapter Bleach 683 Discussion

    I doubt Aizen is a good guy. I think he does what he has done before, tests himself and tries to see his limits. That hes helping Ichigo would imo probably be because he has tested himself against what Ichigo can do already and he lost while doing it. Hes checked him of the list and now Bach is...
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    Chapter Bleach 654 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 654 Spoiler Discussion I just don't understand the direction of Bleach anymore. It already feels convoluted enough that people forget whom are even participating. And now this fight gets dragged on longer? I want Kubo to start tying up loose ends, streamline the story and please...
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    Discussion The Gaiden Kishi should have made?

    I have wanted a Akatsuki gaiden for years. A in dept story of the members up until the Gara episode. A coujple of chapters each that can lead to a 1 hour special for each memeber. That would be the dream. :^_^
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    Chapter Naruto Gaiden 9 Discussion/ 10 Predictions

    I'm glad. I haven't checked in here for some time and I have read this story since it began. I just felt it became worse and worse and by the end of this chapter I felt so empty inside that I had to check if I was the only one. I am glad I was not alone. Kishi seems to have forgotten how to...
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    Discussion Aizen's Bankai

    The ilusion breaks when some one touches the blade. They never specifically said it breaks only for the one touching it so this may very well be the case.
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    Chapter Bleach 621 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 621 Discussion / 622 Predictions Not a fan of this chapter. I don't even know how to explain it. The chapter feels....murky? I hope this is just something that gets swept under the rug and he shows some action instead of what is happening now. And how Haschwald know that the little...
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    Discussion Who's the better villain, Yhwach or Aizen?

    So in reality he hasn't planned anything, it just happened? And with the hand of the soul king we have to take his claims of being all seeing with a grain of salt.
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    Discussion Who's the better villain, Yhwach or Aizen?

    Don't agree, how could Bach have planned for Ichigo arriving and helping to kill the Soul King before Ichigo was even born? If Ichigo was a crucial part of this plan than Bach has planned less than Aizen.
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    Chapter Bleach 612 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 612 Discussion / 613 Predictions Where can I get the chapter?
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    Favorites Your All Time  Favorite Naruto Characters

    Sasori and orochimaru. Can't pick :)
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    Favorites Favorite Sternritter

    I don't like anyone to be honest. It's OK to be weird but these guys belong in a mental institution.
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    Discussion How do you feel about Bleach?

    I'm loving it. Of course I have some nit picks but overall it's a great Manga.
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    Favorites Who's your favorite Bleach character?

    Female : ichigos mom Other: I'll give you one guess :)