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  1. Fucking-Manga

    ahhh F-M, well its mostly my fault. I've been too busy with life and work that i've neglected the group for a very long time. I can't promise you when there will be another release, but i can promise you that the group is not dead thats for sure :)
  2. Chapter One Piece Volume 45 (ch431-440) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 436 Predictions it would be quite funny if franky's father was buggy :P
  3. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 327)

    for some weird reason this whole chapter felt very matrix like. THe black crows flying all around and suddenly raidou appears in a black coat with sunglasses. And the scene with the leader sitting on the tongue felt like he was sitting with a sentinel. I'm weird :P
  4. Eyeshield 21 Fanart/Wallpapers/Sigs

    oohh this is awesome, let me add it to the art thread :)
  5. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 325)

    well he most likely moved his brain to somewhere else in the body and at the same time, its like a form of manipulating the whole body to form whatever he wants with it, the leg could have been the head and the head could have been the leg instead. Making him hard to kill due to the fact that no...
  6. Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Re: Looking for Manga Fonts!! Please help!! i prefer animeace over wildwords, animeace looks nicer and its free :) Try, they tend to have a lot of fonts there too or even
  7. [MimiHyuuga] attempts Editing Practice #002!

    no worries :) as long as its helpful.
  8. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 325)

    lol after watching some yu yu hakusho last night i came up with a theory for hidan's immortality. It's just like the elder toguro's move, where he could probably move his organ around the body freely. So once the voodoo jutus begins, he could move his extremely important organs around to...
  9. [MimiHyuuga] attempts Editing Practice #002!

    okay i'll give some comments :) I'll go panel by panel so its easier. Panel 1 1st - the text could be placed a bit more to the left, try nudging the text box by holding ctrl and then moving the arrow keys. Also the placement of the text could be done better, to make it more of a diamond shape...
  10. ES21 Various Chapter Requests

    no no i didnt make them :P, its done by another group called dragonscans who does rave. I actually have 161 to 165 done in hq, 161 is ready for release its just that others still need to be qced which is taking forever T_T.
  11. ES21 Various Chapter Requests There you go, its a rapidshare link, enjoy :) Oh yea we need qcers too so come join! *blatant and shameless advertising XD*
  12. ES21 Various Chapter Requests

    It's already out by dragonscans and you can find the link for it on the Edited Mangas section, but however its in LQ. If you're willing to wait, F-M will soon come out with their own HQ version.
  13. Your Favorite Character in Eyeshield 21!

    Lol in my opinion, one of the best hiruma moments was the one of him in the bunny suit during the track meet, that was hilarious. It cracked me up for about 10minutes just looking at it.
  14. Who out there plays real football? COME HITHER AND READ?!

    WUOOO!! AWESOME!! SEXY MEN CLASHING!!..... K....i'm just kidding but thanks for sharing! They're awesome, i cant wait to get over to US and watch a real game, watching it on TV here sorta bores me. I think watching it live would be much better.
  15. Eyeshield 21 Art and volume covers thread

    @dragonzair- Woah thanks for all those great fanart, hmmm i dont think i can link all of them but i'll try and paste all the links in the front page to make it easier for everyone to see @Dragonmaster + AestheticHyro- Thanks again for all this great pieces of artwork :) Remember if there's...