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    The cnet128 Thread

    Thanks a lot! My translaton, before your answer, was "Dooing", because in italian is very similar to "Booing", but i'm not a genius to translate the sfx (in truth i'm really bad in this, probably i'm the worst!). I understand why you don't translate the sfx, and i agree with your position about...
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    The cnet128 Thread

    Hi CNet,Firstly i wanna congratulate you for your awesome translations. I've a question for you. In the One Piece chapter 515, page 7, 5th panel, there's one sfx that i don't understand. I assume that it's the sound of the extension of luffy's arm. How can i write it in occidental language...
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    Chapter 370 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 370 Predictions [Naruto] Hello to Everybody! It's my first post. For me we'll see Naruto and the rest of team Konoha for most of the Chapter, probably in the first part. After this a little bit of Hebi, and in the final Pain will stalck Jiraiya-sama. And if the last frame will be the toad...