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    sahugani's Bleach Review 304

    Nice review again. Do not mind my constant awe in your reviews, i just hope you're not too tired to listen to them over and over again. 1. Mayuri and Nemu Well, perhaps Mayuri is insane and that he is crazy about his inventions. I love it when you talked about him being a scientist that cares...
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    sahugani's Bleach Review 300-303 + special

    While your reviews are a pleasure to read, especially when they are in this magnitude, i think i prefer to have you back weekly. Thank goodness you're back! I was thinking of making my own reviews and see if i can fare, but of course, the entire fandom was saved by my lousy reviews just by your...
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    Chapter Bleach 301 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 301 Predictions You gotta admit that even though chapter 300 isnt what others had hyped up to be, it is still full of surprises. Hanatarou is a very, very pleasant surprise. To think that Byakuya left him out like that - anyone besides me thinks that it is on purpose, so that he...
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    Game Lines Rejected from Bleach Manga

    The scene when Aizen, Tousen and Ichimaru got into HM by Negacion light: Gin: I would have loved it if you catched me for a little longer...Forgive me, Rangiku Matsumoto: No, Gin, Wait! Gin: I'm sorry, Rangiku. Matsumoto: You still owe me sake from the bet you lost last time!
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    sahugani's Bleach Review 299

    Thanks for the review sahugani! Regarding the canceled fight, dont be too bummed about it.. You see, i was thinking that even if Unohana gets to fight, that will be not as awesome as her fighting an espada - the Execution squad seemed weak to me. After all, there are other espadas to fight...
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    sahugani's Bleach Review 298

    Thanks for the review!
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    sahugani's Bleach Review 290-291

    thanks for posting this, been looking forward to your review for quite some time..
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    sahugani's Bleach Review 288

    Thanks...Great review!
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    Chapter Bleach 289 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 289 Predictions Wow, I was thinking that Nnoitra saying 'I know what I am dealing with (cos he was watching the Grimmjow's fight)' is actually quite significant... That means that he is indeed fighting unfairly, and attack because he sees chance in beating Ichigo.. Btw, next week...
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    Chapter Bleach 288 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 288 Predictions My prediction is that the next three chapters at least will be dedicated to Syazel and Renji and Ishida. Then, Nnoitra and Ichigo will fight, with victory clearly not siding Ichigo. Just when Syazel and Nnoitra are about to put a death blow on both their preys...
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    Favorites Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    Ichigo's hollow is the way to go.. How can anyone not love that maniac grin, lunatic laughter, kick-ass attitude