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    Discussion Rachels Change in Season 3

    I think this is why Zahard hid very important things in places where Gustang cannot reach i.e. restricted areas like regular areas. But I think if Rachel can be like Arlene, I think Rachel would rather be Arlene than like Arlene. I think Rachel is a pretender protagonist that will be utilized...
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    Voting Best Panel Voting Thread

    Elaine's appearing as herself for the regular auction in chp. 300. Jinsung Ha telling Bam to be happy after the training in chp. 414. Evankhell pointing to Kallavan that his wound he received from Jinsung got worse from Baam's attack in chpt. 414.
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    Voting Best Male Character Voting Thread

    Urek Mazino Ha Jinsung Koon Aguero Agnis
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    Voting Best Moment Voting Thread

    Data Zahard telling King Zahard to start adventuring again.
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    Voting Best Fight Voting Thread

    Bam v. Data Jahad Bam, Koon and Rak v Reflejo Bam v Hoaqin, Dallar final test, Go to Hell.
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    Voting Best Waifu Voting Thread

    Garam Jahad Elaine a.k.a. Kaiser
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    Voting Best Character Design Voting Thread

    King Jahad Jinsung Ha Rachel
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    Voting Best Quote Voting Thread

    Quant's advertisement on the Challenge Shinsu game in chp. 86: "Hit me! Written in Times New Romans. So you know I'm serious!" Yeon Yihwa to Bam as they walk to the bath together and Bam turns left to the Men's side: "Ms. Grace?" Jinsung Ha to Bam in chp. 116, "Did you say you want to be...
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    Voting Best Ranker Voting Thread

    Jinsung Ha Evankhell Lero Ro
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    Voting Most Improved Character Voting Thread

    Jah Wangnan Bam Miseng
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    Voting Best Story Arc Voting Thread

    The Room that Can't Be Trusted Work Shop Battle Name Hunt Station
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    Voting Best Villain Voting Thread

    Rachel King Jahad Reflojo
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    Voting Best Pairing Voting Thread

    Prince/Miseng Bam/Black March Horyang/Yeo Goseng
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    Webtoon Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon by Sosori/Ant Studio

    Title: Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon Alt Name: Skeleton Soldier; Skeleton Soldier (Couldn't Protect the Dungeon); 해골병사는 던전을 지키지 못했다 Genres: Manhwa - webtoon, action, fantasy adventure, romance, supernatural, time loop, tragedy Author/Artist: Sosori; Ant-Studio Publisher: Kakao...
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    Manhwa The Breaker by Geuk-Jin Jeon and Jin-Hwan Park

    The end of S1 was just catastrophic for 9AD. It became clear at the end of S2 that 9AD was using a drug to suppressed his memories. In S1, he wasn't able to avenge his master, he lost his love, and he lost his pupil. It was just a messed up catastrophic failure. With the end of S2, things are...