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    Naruto Gaiden 1 Discussion/2 Predictions

    it would be nice if naruto's children get they own "mini kyubii" inside, like kurama's children :) all thanks to sage's power of creation :)
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    Coloring Naruto.Ch.640.All.Pages.Colored

    Done in approximately 3 days, overall about 26 hours just for fun, at first i just done the one page with quick coloring then i said to myself "you did this page why not the rest ? " so i did ;) a quick preview of first page (the rest got the same style) The rest of the pages...
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    Chapter Naruto 660 Discussion / 661 Predictions

    Re: Naruto 660 Spoiler Discussion I see Bee is doing the same trick he did when sasuke "captured" him the last time :P
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    Chapter Naruto 644 Discussion / 645 Predictions

    Re: Naruto 644 Spoiler Discussion i've got only one question: where the hell is hiruzen ?
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    Epic scene so i wanted to color it in epic style :P
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    Coloring Some.Coloured.Naruto.Stuff.:P

    some of old works that were never published before Shisui Kakashi Unmasked Random page Hashirama VS Madara 2...
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    Anime Naruto Shippuuden 295

    am i the only one to think that someone just borrowed the same idea of half-powered main character which was used in one of DBZ movie when goku get a half-super sayan fighting with some namek super villain
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    Bleach in 2013 - Your expectations and hopes

    I hope Ichigo can master all known bankai (or some of their abilities) because of all captains/vicecaptains raitsu that got mixed within him ;P but all i want to see again FGT :D
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    Chapter Naruto 601 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 601 Discussion / 602 Predictions well to sum up: -we have resurrected immortal madara with rinnegan which is currently unstoppable -we have resurrected obito with MS kamui probably the best sharingan technique for defence and offence -we have resurrected orochimaru -we are going to...
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    Chapter Naruto 598 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 598 Discussion / 599 Prediction as it was only "one shot" with kakashi's kamui probably the tobi's sharingan gona be smashed or damage because otherwise there's no way to effectively attack tobi
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    The Edo Tensei Thread

    Re: Itachi already knew that,to stop edo tensei,killing kabuto is useless. what if kabuto made "safe lock" with madara, i mean what if the only person who can cancel edo-madara is not kabuto but ed-muu second tsuchikage ? canceling ed-muu will only get worse
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    Chapter Naruto 570 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 570 Discussion / 571 Predictions ** Check out the Naruto Awards He liked his chakra not his amount, also he was called a tailess beast because of his samehada+kisame combination, when samehada absorbed chakra was merged with kisames creating a beast like amount of chakra.
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    Chapter Naruto 570 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 570 Discussion / 571 Predictions ** Check out the Naruto Awards yeah i thought about too ;) well its kinda obvious if tobi using pain body-trick the best choice would be dead bodies without personalities unlike edo tensei bodies plus their user is still kabuto
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    [390] 4-5 page cleaned by ziaja

    eeeee..... why ziaja got banned ??
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    Naruto Volume 49 (Ch. 545-463) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 462 Spoiler Discussion on one of spoiler pics there is face profile of "demon" and it doesn't have a specific kyuubi jaw, it looks more humanoid