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    Chapter Bleach 289 Discussion

    Noitora is so cocky, especially now that he's fighting ichigo, and i never saw that coming when he said that nell was a former espada.
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    Chapter Bleach 287 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 287 Predictions It is true that Grimmjow owned ichigo in their first incounter and barely in their second, but it's becauase in their first incounter Ichigo was nothing, he had no control of his hollow, and thus he was not able to fight on level with Grimmjow. In their second...
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    Chapter 366 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 366 Predictions [Naruto] I wanna know something, is the naruto that found Itachi, Naruto's clone or is it the original Naruto? Because if it is, than naruto clone does not posess the same amount of chakra as the original (because naruto split's up his chakra in order to make clones, as...
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    Chapter Bleach 285 Discussion

    Ichigo might use a getsuga tenshou on grimmjow, or we will see a new attack suddenly awakened by ichigo's mask ('cause it's kinda boring seeing ichigo use Getsuga all the time).