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  1. (question)Can it be done with photoshop?(not art)

    best bet is to show us the picture and then we can tell you if it's possible with phooshop or not ;)
  2. Discussion Strongest character in One Piece?

    Re: Whitebeard Strongest in the World? the IV's have nothing to do with his strength imo, cos he seemed ok when he got up to fight shanks... ever thought that the IV's are there merely to throw off the enemy? people could be all like, omg he's weak because he needs IV's to stay alive, then BAM...
  3. Anime Naruto Shippuuden OP/ED Mega-Convo

    Re: Changes in Shippuuden Opening right at the start when it first shows naruto, it shows different characters in like a scroll with everyone striking a pose. like it started with just kakashi, sakura, tsuanade and jaiyra (man i hate trying to spell their names ;)), now it includes rock lee...