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    Discussion NPOT Plot threads that went no where

    Omg I TOTALLY forgot about these clowns! Lol they had slight buildup and ended up getting one shot by ryoma single handedly. The most memorable thing about those chapters were how badly drawn they were because the rough drafts were released early I think Hmmm, actually I feel they weren't...
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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 331, 332 and 333 Discussion

    Well...TECHNICALLY they DID win...the set! So technically speaking you are still half right šŸ˜†
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    Spoiler New Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread (Next Ch. August 4th)

    I just wanna see singles 1 already, I'm over this match lol. Bismark is not a very interesting character even with the back story. Tane isnt much better either as a character. His personality is low key annoying and his special technique is meh to look at. This match peaked for me with middle...
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    Anime Prince of Tennis Best Games!! OVA

    Any tips on where I can actually download the match video? I've tried google and get nothing šŸ˜‘
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    Discussion NPOT Plot threads that went no where

    What was your most disappointing moment with NPOT where they hyped up a character, team, match, plot thread etc that ultimately went no where ? I have a few right off the top of my head. How they hyped up the genius 11-20 and they ended up getting beat owned by the middle schoolers to never be...
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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 319, 320 and 321 Discussion

    I agree here, i think kirihara red eyes and devil mode might even make an appearance and he is able to increase his concentration time by 10 seconds more each time since those forms are stronger than his base. Adding to that though I think both kirihara and Siegfried will push each other to...
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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 310, 311 and 312 Discussion

    I actually like this "stolen future" technique from yukimura because it didnt come from out of no where. If you remember there was a portion of his match with echizen where the same thing was happening to him "the Image that no matter where you hit the ball it will either be returned or end in...
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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 232 and 233 Discussion/Predictions

    Wow I totally forgot about the Austrailia match since it happened so long ago lol. I only recalled the singles 3 match. Allow me to adjust my prediction: S1 - Duke - Win S2 - Kimijima - Loss S3 - Ryoma - Win D1 - Sanada/Yanagi - Loss D2 - Mouri/Shiraishi - Win I definitely think dukes match...
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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 232 and 233 Discussion/Predictions

    When exactly did Sanada redeem himself? His last match was the doubles match with akutsu against the genious 10 in which he got bagled, that's terrible. Then you have shiraishi who lost before the match even started. They both need wins desperately so I think it works out if they pair up. Not to...
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    Chapter New Prince of Tennis Chapter 232 and 233 Discussion/Predictions

    Why do I have a feeling the line up and results will be as follows? S1 - Duke - Win S2 - Ryoma - Win S3 - Kimijima - Loss D1 - Mouri/Yanagi - Loss D2 - Sanada/Shiraishi - Win Mind you D1 and D2 could be reversed but I still think the results would be the same. Mouri and Yanagi pairing makes...
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    Anime Good filler episodes

    i'd like to see filler content of the 11-20 vs the black jersey MS matches. they blew through them so fast and didn't even show the result of certain matches like the inui match "which i'm still upset about to this day" they could definitely drag that out...but they wont. "sigh" . also they...
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    Chapter Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 126, 127, 128 and 129 Discussion/Predictions

    Like some one else mentioned earlier in this thread about another sports manga that had players leaving Japan to be in other teams I see that potentially happening with the U-17 World Cup arc as well. I think that would be pretty sweet to have old players resurface on new teams with new skill...
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    Chapter Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 123 and 124 Discussion/Predictions

    am i the only one that can totally see Oni giving up his 5th position badge to tokugawa and staying behind at the U-17 camp and return to his former position of gate keeper to raise the level of all the local players? i mean he did it once before and it seems that he's traded being the number...
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    List of prince of tennis specials

    hey there, i haven't been keeping up with shin prince of tennis anime specials lately so i was just wondering if some one could list the special ovas that have come out. last i heard of was another story specials and thats about it. i remember that they included extra episodes of shin prince of...
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    Anime New Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [OVA vs Genius 10]

    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [New OVA announced] i'm happy to hear this news. sucks that its in ova form and you have to wait forever for an episode...HOWEVER. i'd much rather wait forever for an episode that has great quality and nothing cut out unlike the anime series of...