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  1. Chapter 330 Discussion [Naruto]

    First, the scene when Naruto freaked out at Kakashi was freaking HILARIOUS. XD Funeral was sad. I also liked how mature Naruto looked. Right after Shika got that "..." look after messing with the chess pieces, I seriously thought that the next page was gonna show him knocking on Temari's...
  2. Chapter 328 Discussions [Naruto]

    Concerning the whole Naruto-as-the-only-wind-user thing, I'm hoping that since Asuma is dead (still emotional over it ;_;), he'll seek out another wind user--hopefully Temari, because she kicks rear, and it's more likely since she and Shikamaru know each other on a more personal level than...
  3. Chapter 328 Discussions [Naruto]

    XD! WOW, I had a tough time not crying during that chapter. Although I was sniffling like a mofo for half an hour afterwards. D= Shikamaru smoking the cigarette almost killed me. Poor guy. Still, I can't help but love Hidan. He's I'm just wondering when someone's gonna...
  4. Chapter 327 Discussion [Naruto]

    Gah, those first two pages almost made me cry. Poor Shika and Asuma. I'm just glad he's got a chance now. *relieved sigh* I also thought of Itachi when the crows appeared. I was like, "YAY, ITACHI! ...WAIT, THAT'S BAD." X3 XD I wondered that myself.