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  1. Spoiler Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 298 Discussion

    The good news is that All For One probably wants to wait until after Shigaraki's body is complete to go after Deku again. Remember, he really wants to steal One For All, and he needs Shigaraki's hate/feelings strong enough to decay the mental world for that. So likely he's gonna hold off on...
  2. Spoiler Black Clover Chapter 279 Spoilers & Discussion

    Yeah. There's layers to the Underworld, and each one gradually gets opened. The bottomost layer is where Lucifero is located, and that's the actual "Instant Game Over" . Depends. There's a very real chance the Devils will be the actual bosses, not the Dark Triad. Or remember the Vetto...
  3. Black Clover Chapter 276 Spoilers & Discussion

    It's shonen. We're lucky is wasn't several years of training being useless, but 3 days of special training turning everything around. Depends on how things work, and how far along they are. I can see Morris throwing a spanner into someone's plans. IIRC they said the gates would all open at...
  4. Black Clover Chapter 275 Spoilers & Discussion

    I'd imagine they are there for support, but we've seen Finral be dang good as a team mate in a fight. Of course the other important thing is their ability to get people out if they are injured, or need to retreat. If they get to Vangence or Yami, and they aren't in a state where they can fight...
  5. Black Clover Chapter 275 Spoilers & Discussion

    Vatos is there too. We haven't seen where he, Sally and Rades went yet. But he does provide us with another Spatial mage.
  6. Black Clover Chapter 275 Spoilers & Discussion

    Black Clover is perfectly fine shifting the dance partners up in the middle of fights before we have decisive wins. So it's quite possible the Dark Triad's fights with the character's already in spade will be ongoing when Asta and Noel arrive.
  7. Black Clover Chapter 274 Spoilers & Discussion

    Heck, you'd have thought the whole "And now the elves are revived, and hey there's the devil who's caused everything, and he's dead" would have been a sign of the series ending. Gonna be honest here, was hoping the Raging Black Bull was used to fight the big demon. Black Clover has always been...
  8. Black Clover Chapter 273 Spoilers & Discussion

    It turns out the Dark Triad all had fatal Bronze allergies. You do have to wonder why they even invite him to these things... Man King Clover's Japanese voice is annoying. For some reason I wanted Yami to say he didn't vote for him. Morris has been built for quite a while, with all the...
  9. Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 292 Discussion

    Depends. Matchia had a high limit for the number of quirks his body can hold, but still a limit. So depending on what the number of quirks are, and what they were able to get, they may not have been able to give him abilities for every contingency.
  10. Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 292 Discussion

    Can she ressurect the dead? Then she aint even begining to have nothing on the Dragonballs. Sure you can argue that she's gonna reduce tension and consequences, but when every single major fight ends up with the heroes getting crippling injuries, you run into the problem of, well every single...
  11. Black Clover Chapter 273 Spoilers & Discussion

    Probably King Clover insisted his personal champion, and the fierciest Magic Knight he knows goes to ensure that the Dark Triad is crushed.
  12. Black Clover Chapter 271 Spoilers & Discussion

    Can't wait until Liebe and Bell meet. Gonna be argueing with each other a bunch. Maybe Secre will spend even more time in bird form with Noel. I mean now that Asta's got a new little buddy. And poor Demon Slayer Sword. It doesn't get an alleterative name like all the other swords.
  13. Black Clover Chapter 270 Spoilers & Discussion

    Don't forget about Damnatio and the asshole nobles who put Asta on trial. Somehow I don't think "Oh yeah I'm using a devil's power, but it's cool, we talked it over, and it turns out he's a good devil!" is gonna fly with them.
  14. Black Clover Chapter 268 Spoilers & Discussion

    She explains her magic is taking things without magic, and putting them into other things without magic. She then states she has a body that drains mana and life force from others. That does not mean they are the same thing. Especially as we've seen someone with the exact same condition...
  15. Black Clover Chapter 265 Spoilers & Discussion

    Well I'm having Toriko flashbacks. Standard Shonen twist really. "Goku, I'm your brother from space! And I'm evil!" "Hey Luffy, It's me Sabo! I was alive all along, I just had amnesia!" "Basically Ichigo, you are part everything." Reminds me we still need to meet some dwarves