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  1. Black Clover Chapter 316 Spoilers & Discussion

    Well it's not like that was actually Lucifero. It was just a meat puppet he made to try and keep his actual entrance going.
  2. Black Clover Chapter 314 Spoilers & Discussion

    Well his ability to puppeteer lower ranking devils was established a while ago, and actually this move does somewhat make sense. Though he might have been smarter to go for scattering some to hide and try to work to get a proper gate open than "Make a giant monster, that always pays off in...
  3. Black Clover Chapter 312 Spoilers & Discussion

    What do you think they'll be fighting after the Devils?
  4. Black Clover Chapter 311 Spoilers & Discussion

    Uh, did you miss the part where 100% Dante got beaten by Magna? Cause that happened thanks to Magna having a technique that leveled the playing field, quite literally.
  5. Black Clover Chapter 306 Spoilers & Discussion

    Not clear. We've also got Lucifugus, from Nacht's past who was described as a time/space/gravity controlling devil IIRC? Or at least a powerful one. We know the lower in the underworld and the tree of Qlipphoth they are the stronger, but every level has high ranking devils that rule it, so...
  6. Black Clover Chapter 305 Spoilers & Discussion

    Eitehr Dante is surprisingly popular in Japan, or there was a successful trolling effort. Yes. That sorta isn't much personality I'm afraid. And it gave Tabata and excuse to draw her in a swimsuit. Got to admit, it's nice to see a heroine in a Shonen fighting Manga handled that well. And...
  7. Black Clover Chapter 297 Spoilers & Discussion

    You mean by giving them their own story arc and motivations distinct from the male leads, and also giving them their own distinct abilities, techniques and transformations? Yeah, we might get a downgrade, but it'll be temporary before Noel learns how to do it on her own or something.
  8. Black Clover Chapter 294 Spoilers & Discussion

    Both Jack and Luck are monsters by the standards of what Commoners normally have for magic power. Magna is not. Which is why him coming up with the method he did is so satisfying. And man Julius is gonna be so upset he missed seeing it.
  9. Black Clover Chapter 293 Spoilers & Discussion

    Hell, remember when it turned out Licht was Patry, and Patry was the Patsy for the Word Devil, who just suddenly came out of nowhere? And yet that was one of the best parts of the series. You might want to avoid Dragonball. You won't like what happens to Dodoria, Zarbon, the Ginyu Force...
  10. Black Clover Chapter 287 Spoilers & Discussion

    Last we saw, he'd been joined by what are probably the rest of the Black Bulls. Presumibly Finral warped them their or something. He's got a good skill at making them look sickly, unearthly, and just plain wrong. With Liebe fittingly being the biggest exception to that so far. Well it would...
  11. Black Clover Chapter 282 Spoilers & Discussion

    Well keep in mind that not everyone in the story knows the things we know. Also this is quite likely the reactions of the Nobles, who've got a terible tendency to look down on Asta for being a commoner in the first place. When people like the Hodge Villiagers and Rebecca start acting like...
  12. Black Clover Chapter 281 Spoilers & Discussion

    Yes, king useless dies, we're one step closer to good king Finral. Kirsch has already been to Heart, and trained there, hadn't he? Also Kirsch is very involved with his squad's day to day operations since Dorothy is asleep most of the time.
  13. Black Clover Chapter 280 Spoilers & Discussion

    Yes, at last it's king Clover's time to shine. Can he get stepped on so we get good king Finral? Not sure his magic's much good in a Kaiju fight. And that he won't just try to make a break for it. Honestly if Mars and co show up they should be going Spade to settle things with Morris. I'm...
  14. Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 298 Discussion

    The good news is that All For One probably wants to wait until after Shigaraki's body is complete to go after Deku again. Remember, he really wants to steal One For All, and he needs Shigaraki's hate/feelings strong enough to decay the mental world for that. So likely he's gonna hold off on...
  15. Black Clover Chapter 279 Spoilers & Discussion

    Yeah. There's layers to the Underworld, and each one gradually gets opened. The bottomost layer is where Lucifero is located, and that's the actual "Instant Game Over" . Depends. There's a very real chance the Devils will be the actual bosses, not the Dark Triad. Or remember the Vetto...