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    UK Dub or US Dub ?

    We dont sell the censored versions in the UK. It's only the Unleashed Boxsets which are TOTALLY uncut. http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/3355075/Naruto-Unleashed-Complete-Series-1/Product.html Theres season one for £14.99 Also, look this thread is an obvious mis-translation on...
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    Should I read manga after watch OP anime?

    theres virtually no difference. just watch the anime unil you catch up and then read the manga from where you left off. worked for me
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    Some thoughts about Gear

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    Some thoughts about Gear

    Oh now come on thats totally different... Im saying that Oda may have hinted at Gear a while back... since it was pictures of Luffy, not someone else.
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    Some thoughts about Gear

    that or as I said in my first post, he'd just been hit a couple of times by Krieg's explosive spear
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    Some thoughts about Gear

    christ, it was just an idea alright... im not stupid and I know he devloped the technique properly after his fight with Aokiji but its just a suggestion and its no less valid than most of the other ones on here.
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    Some thoughts about Gear

    Yeah, im saying maybe he didnt even really know it at this time
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    Discussion Strongest character in One Piece?

    Re: Who's the most strongest guy in op ? Aokiji and Garp are the only two people that have had anything over Luffy. Other than that, Luffy has beaten everyone.
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    Some thoughts about Gear

    The smoke is coming from all over his body which you see on the page before. I didnt go looking for a gear hint, I jus stumbled across it. It's just when he says things like hitting it 5 times in an instant which wasnt pictured I find quite interesting. ...Since the stance hasnt been used...
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    Will One Piece end soon??

    The Water 7/Enies Lobby arcs take place over just 3/4 days. Or if your talking about how long it too in manga releases, it took about 3 years. Realistically, the story isnt even half way yet so I cant honestly see it ending for atleast 6 years.
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    What Do You Want To See Before Bleach Ends?

    Will Ishida ever controll the final form? Will Ichigo unlock a level above bankai with his Vaizard powers?
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    New OP and ED themes for bleach anime

    Worst one, should still be on Rolling Star for a while if you ask me. That or D-Technolife were definately the best.
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    Some thoughts about Gear

    Dunno if this has been mentioned before, but after looking through some old chapters today I discovered some interesting stuff. In chapter 64 when Luffy fights Don Krieg, the final page has this: Not Luffy's positioning in particular. Also the fact he seems to have smoke coming from...