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    Light Novel Sword Art Online by Kawahara Reki

    That is wonderful! I watched the anime but I had no idea that there was novel about it and that there will be another episode. Now to see about getting that novel...
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    Books The Great Books! ( And What Are You Currently Reading? )

    An amazing series, I can not wait until the next book comes out this April. I am currently re-reading Jim Butchers Codex Alera series. I think that it is just as good as the Dresden files and would really recommend it.
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    Archived Facebook Thread

    Re: I MADE A FACEGROUP CALLED MANGAHELPERS I just noticed this today and thought that it would be fun to join. Thanks for making it...even if it was an accident. :]
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Tsubasa 155 Discussion Thread Yup I am back for a little bit to open up the predictions for the next chapter. There were so many questions raised in 154 that I am hoping at least some of them are answered in the next few chapters. First and foremost...who killed everyone? I hope it was not...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Tsubasa 153 Discussion Thread Hijacks thread The chapter is now out, you can find everything here. Discuss away~ We got to see Fai's magic twice this time :nuts All in all a satisfying chapter!
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Tsubasa 152 Discussion Thread Well after another break chapter 152 is out a bit early. You can thank could9_alice for all her hard work on that one. =D If you want to find everything then go here
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    Seinen xxxHolic by CLAMP

    xxxHolic 134 Discussion / Prediction Thread Well the newest chapter of Holic is out today. You can go here to find all the translations and scans. this post is being created before the translation is out yet but I can not wait to see what the conversation between Watanuki and Sakura is. And...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa 150 Discussion Thread I dont think that Sakura is dead at all. Her body should still be clinging to life, and her soul is now in a different world. It was not Kurogane that offered his leg it was Sakura. XD Also the thing with her leg started in Acid Tokyo. When she was trying...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Tsubasa 151 Discussion Thread Chapter 151 is out early again! You can find everything right here o_o
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    All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread 2007

    Re: Amateur Manga Coloring of the Week Voting Details!! <_< *whispers* PSsst....Clarity....the link for kaizoku_chopper's submission is not working. It looks like there might be a url tag that was not closed before it. I would fix it but I dont know the url for kaizoku's submission. >_>...
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    Seinen Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko

    Vagabond 227 Discussion Thread Well the latest chapter of Vagabond is out. You can find everything right here. Feel free to discuss this chapter and make predictions!
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa 150 Prediction Thread Yup we have another break ahead of us since it is the end of the volume. I posted the schedule up here in case anyone else is curious. Yes he has a lot of explaining to do. I really hope that this is now the time to see all of his past. Like I was saying...
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    Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Tsubasa 150 Discussion Thread Well chapter 150 is out a little early this week thanks to the hard work of kairak! You can go here to find everything. There may still be a bit of a wait for the translation, but until then discuss this chapter as much as you can. I know I am not the only one...
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    Seinen xxxHolic by CLAMP

    Re: xxxHolic Manga Release Schedule Updated again with the most recent schedule. Looks like we are going to start again this month. ^___^
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    Archived The Hang Out Thread v. 3

    We are trying to work on the problem, just hang in there while we get it all sorted out. Thanks!