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    Chapter Bleach 396 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 396 Discussion/397 Predictions I felt incredibly let down to read this thing about Aizen being behind Ichigo's journey from day one. It totally devalues everything about Ichigo and his adventures. Really stupid move on the author's part. It makes the entire series a joke. It's almost...
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    Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 402 Discussion / 403 Predictions Well, I wouldn't be surprised if Sasuke does trash Konoha pretty well. Then everyone becomes refugees, Naruto trains and becomes more powerful, and finally we have a big battle in the end where he defeats Sasuke and Konoha is reestablished. I'm...
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    Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 400 Discussion / 401 Predictions Wow, Sasuke looks like he's finally snapped. Man, this manga is all about the younger generation reenacting the conflicts of their elders, isn't it. First we have Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura learning from the Sannin, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade...
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    Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 399 Discussion / 400 Predictions Hmm, well, we know that the Kyuubi has met Madara, from his conversation with Sasuke inside of Naruto's mind. So I, too, think Madara is lying when he says he had no connection to the attack 16 years ago. I think he was controlling the Kyuubi at that...
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    Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 397 Discussion / 398 Predictions All right, well, I liked this chapter. I enjoyed seeing that Sasuke wound up killing the person who cared about him the most in the world. Let the guilt trip begin. Also, it's nice to know that Itachi let Sasuke beat him. Now I feel less cheated...
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    Chapter Bleach -107 Discussions

    Re: Bleach -107 Discussions/-106 Predictions That guy who's sporting a 'fro was way ahead of his time, if this is 100 years ago. :) Not to mention his sunglasses... Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the Maggot's Nest. I guess they will pursue some research there.
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    Noah vs God's Clown

    Looks good, nice job!
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    Claymore fanart

    Thanks for sharing; I especially liked that first person's fanart. :)
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    Ch 72 Pg 22 - Lucy's new pet, aww

    Looking good! :)
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    Psyren - My first coloring

    Looks great!
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    PSYREN Ch. 16 Cover Lineart by Emery

    Wow, beautiful!
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    Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 395 Discussions / 396 Predictions LOL, someone hacked the site, huh? Great new titles, but I think i preferred the old ones. Well, Uchiha Madara sure is ugly. And I wonder why he looks through just one eye... I thought his left eye was missing or something, but it looks like it's...
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    Chapter Bleach -108 Discussion

    Re: Bleach -108 Discussions/-107 Predictions Hmm, well I suppose we'll see an explanation for the origins of the Vizard ability, and how everyone got exiled to the living world. And the origins of the Hougyoku, and the beginning of Aizen's ambition to possess it. I don't think it makes sense...
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    Chapter Bleach 315 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 315 Discussions/316 Predictions Wow, I actually predicted something correctly for once (that Ichigo would stay to rescue Inoue, and not go to Karakura). I really don't have a lot to predict this time, other than Ichigo will eventually attack Ulquiorra, and amazingly somehow he's...
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    Naruto Volume 43 (Ch. 390-402) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 394 Discussions / 395 Predictions All right, well, I thought this was a crappy chapter like many others did. This should have been a much bigger fight, and Sasuke should have lost his peepers. In any case, I will try to continue my perfect record of wrong predictions. I predict...