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    Is Eyeshield 21 Unappreciated?

    Thats funny. A lot of football fans think that soccer is too complicated, lame, slow and no action. Anyhoo...this manga does have a smaller target base than Naruto or One Piece. Football players are turned off by the slow start. Honestly, it annoyed me as well. The manga treats simple...
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    do you think the shinjiryuu nagas are qualified to join the NFL?

    If anyone compares to Sena in the NFL, its Jones-Drew, who's 5'6. But hes a beast. Also, Nagas wouldn't be good enough in the SEC, let alone the NFL.
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    is there anyone who can match sena's speed in the nfl?

    Still, the 40's not really a good measure of football speed. Change-of-pace, acceleration, power, all factor in. If sena went against a real NFL player he'd be outclassed.