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  1. Naruto 9t mode

    Naruto 9t mode

    hope u like it guys
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    Survival of Sasuke <3

    Re: Survival of Sasuke The power that hashirama gives to Sasuke is the key, and I think Obito will save Naruto, he may take the Madara's kyubi, but sasuke is not going to die that's just obvious
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    Uchiha with MSE

    Geat work man
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    Dark Madara

    Gracias por el comment :D
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    great job orochi, thanks for the lines man
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    502 Minato (updated)

    awesome work girl :D
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    Dark Madara

    Hi, hope you like it :amuse Comments are welcome Visit my gallery
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    Namikaze Minato

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    naruto ch 500

    great job, thanks for the lines :D
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    ~Naruto Ch.501 Minato~ By Googlez_kun

    is nice but i think its too dark
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    501 - ...Naruto...

    Great work :D
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    Naruto 500 (panel) + 501 Cover

    nice work orochi
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    Kushina smiling

    hi, i know is a little simple but i like it :D, her face is really similar to naruto's face, well.. hope you enjoy it :amuse Lines and colour by me Comments are welcome look at my gallery in DA :D
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    [499] Kyuubi chakra control

    nice work!
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    ch 500 - kushina

    Great work, can you clean the panel where is she smiling?