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    Multi Season Gintama.

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    Multi Season Gintama.

    So far best episode was with Kamui and Kagura fight together
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    Info Kusanagi Mizuho's Twitter

    Her Arts are unique. I love her style. I look forward to new her arts that can be used, covers are wonderful.
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    TV Sherlock

    I really like series.
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    Discussion Overrated J/K Pop Artists?

    know that many K-pop fans will not agree with me because this group is really popular at home and abroad. Thank you for this topic. Honestly, I've never been a real K pop fan. I met this music through my cousin. I think that BTS overrated! Although I have 2/3 favorite songs belonging to this...
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    Discussion Shiki Granbell Discussion Thread

    Shiki not much can be said about him yet, but he reminds me very much of Gray and Natsu in appearance, his personality seems similar to Natsu, but Shiki also seems more serious than Natsu.
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    Semifinal Kouka (Gintama) vs. 2B

    KOUKA !!!!
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    Favorites Which arcs are your favourite, least favourite? Why?

    I like water tribe arc. 1) I like this arc mainly because Riri appears. When I saw her, I knew she l'll would be a good warrior 2) Jeaha called his new friends "family". It was very good moment. 3) Soo won x Riri frist meet - I ship them 4)Yona's fight. I admire the artistic style of Kusanagi...