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  1. Chapter 348 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 348 Predictions [Naruto] The girl is another hideout's Kabuto, and after she killed that guy because he acted up because Orochimaru was dead, she senses Orochimaru's chakra.. :D
  2. Chapter 347 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 347 Predictions [Naruto] I honestly haven't got a clue.. It was a nice chappy this week, and I think next chapter will either be more Sasuke and his gang, Naruto and his gang, or Akatsuki. There, covered all my bases? :P
  3. Chapter 345 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 345 Predictions [Naruto] Oro just THINKS he knows what he's up against, and I don't blame him. He's been training the brat for nearly three years, but all this time Sasuke's been developing jutsu's and has been training non-stop. Sasuke won't lose his body to Oro, because SASUKE must kill...
  4. Anime Naruto: Shippuden - EP 001-002

    Re: Naruto: Shippuden - EP 001 Discussion
  5. Chapter 341 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 341 Predictions [Naruto] Man, I honestly haven't got a clue as to what will happen next..
  6. Chapter 341 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 341 Predictions [Naruto] Well, I hope it's something good.. We'll see :).
  7. Donald Duck

    I'll probably start next week or the week after, as I've got exams next week.. :)
  8. Donald Duck

    Where I live, the Netherlands, we've got a Donald Duck magazine, a weekly. It's in full colour and usually has excellent stories. Now, if people were interested, I could scan them and scanlate them. How about that, y'all? I'll check back on this thread in a couple of days. In the meantime...
  9. Chapter 336 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 336 Predictions [Naruto] Keep in mind that Hidan isn't necessarily an idiot. He's used to being invulnerable, and probably thinks he still is. Why bother avoiding a jutsu when it doesn't matter, anyway? Anyway, I think Shikamaru will force Hidan to do the curse with Kakuzu's blood, even...
  10. Chapter 335 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 335 Predictions [Naruto] Damn, the drawing style seemed really sketchy.
  11. Chapter 334 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 334 Predictions [Naruto]
  12. Chapter 333 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 333 Predictions [Naruto] Deidara-CHAN?
  13. Seinen My Balls by Harada Shigemitsu & Seguchi Takahiro

    Re: My Balls Edited Mangas and Discussion Thread Man, why is it censored? Is the original censored, too?
  14. Anime Fillers

    Dude, fuck yes.
  15. Chapter 332 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 332 Predictions [Naruto] And then passes out from mental fatigue, right..