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  1. Chapter Naruto 672 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 672 Spoiler Discussion HAHAHAHAHAHA! i foud this funnier that i should have
  2. Chapter Naruto 660 Discussion / 661 Predictions

    Re: Naruto 660 Spoiler Discussion Yeah, however it does say and i quote the chapter: "OR SO OUR LEADER SAID" That sentence gives kishi a lot of room to maneuver
  3. Chapter Naruto 653 Discussion / 654 Predictions

    Re: Well... Narutos character grouth has been gradually conveyed to us through talk no jutsu, and it is used very will in each case he does it, unfortunately a lot of people tire of reading and believe that everything is just a repetition of his beliefs and dreams, but fail to see something...
  4. Chapter Naruto 651 Discussion / 652 Predictions

    its actually the images of naruto an obito overlaping each other
  5. Chapter Naruto 643 Discussion / 644 Predictions

    Re: Naruto 643 Discussion / 644 Predictions | No chapter this week (see opening post) I'm amazed to see so many people that where in the debate club at school; reading theories, statements, counterstatements and sometimes rants is fun and stress relieving, specially after a long day of work :P...
  6. Rin and Kushina's Deaths Day

    One made up word... NARUTOVERSE If theres a bijuu looked away inside the moon, then a full moon can happen on the exact same day the next year, and a pregnancy can last 10 months :D
  7. Rin and Kushina's Deaths Day

    Re: Well... Well your statement is debatable in many ways, it is true that Obito over heard Kakashi saying something about Kushina giving birth, but he does'nt show any sign of surprise, and i dont think he got the knowledge of the location, the number of guards and so many other things he...
  8. Rin and Kushina's Deaths Day

    Re: Well... Really? If it was that way then my hat's off to Obito for being so badass, however i doubt it was really on a whim, what happened on Konoha that night to me was carefully planned and executed almost to a key.
  9. Chapter Naruto 642 Discussion / 643 Predictions | No chapter this week

    Re: Naruto 642 Discussion / 643 Predictions Naruto actually noticed it first: And i liked that :)
  10. Chapter Naruto 641 Discussion / 642 Predictions

    I really would'nt go as far as saying that the whole generation is required to surpass them, only a few select, i mean in previous generations its only a few that shine, and NARUTO and SASUKE are still young enough to surpass even Hashirama, if they aren't ripped to pieces by OP Jubitoo that is.
  11. Chapter Bleach 546 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 546 Spoiler Discussion the manga is going on a 5 week hiatus, he will this to prepare for the final arc, and the end of bleach :(
  12. Chapter Naruto 639 Discussions / 640 Predictions

    You cant post something without critics lol, i agree with what you state, one pointed out one thing, the other something else, it wasnt as much as Naruto making him look dumb, it was more like a i school you, you school me kindda thing. Oh and by the way i dont kid myself it was just a comment :p
  13. Chapter Naruto 639 Discussions / 640 Predictions

    1.- Ok, so Sasuke gets Naruto back for making him look dumb in the last chapter.... 2.- Kishi pulls an Oprah on us: You get a facepalm no jutsu you get a facepalm no jutsu EVERYBODY gets a facepalm no jutsu Loved the justsu by the way. 3.- Juubito goes Luffy'ish with the body stretching...
  14. Chapter Fairy Tail 334 Discussion/ 335 Predictions

    OMFG!!, seriously?!!! i know that acoording to Levy a lot of people are gonna die, but NOT LIKE THIS.... NOT LIKE THIS!!
  15. Chapter Naruto 633 Discussion / 634 Predictions

    Yes they can, they unlimited chakra =)