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    Seinen SWWEEET by Aoyama Kei

    Re: SWWEEET by Aoyama Kei (v02) Just thought I'd revive this thread with some good news. Kotonoha is not dead and the Edited Mangas were dropped when I stopped translating more than 2 years ago and at least originally was my fault. :sweat But Kotonoha is back in action to finish Editing this...
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    Support Deleted Files in External Links

    I took care of the ones that you mentioned. As for the others, as you come across them, there should be "Report" link at the top of the release info page that shows: The "Go to ***" and "Report" are links. You can hit the report button and note the reason (dead external link with file on MH...
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    Naruto Volume 49 (Ch. 545-463) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 459 Discussion/460 Predictions - Part 1 Apparently since many of you can't seem to understand the meaning of staying on topic, and that this is a thread to discuss Ch459 and make predictions on Ch460, this thread is being closed again. This thread will now not be reopened again until...
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    Naruto's Lover: Who should it be and why?

    Okay, boys and girls... let's make this very clear: If you don't have anything new to add to this, DO NOT POST. M3J opened the thread to give you all the benefit of the doubt to see if there's any new discussions to be had. Apparently not from what I can see since I can find pretty much...
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    Done Fluentish Kansai-ben people! \o/

    I missed a comma there :darn Thanks for pointing it out haewoon. It was meant to say: You wouldn't understand, Rin. And admittedly my Eng isn't very good, but with the proper punctuation there, it should work. :p
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    Done Fluentish Kansai-ben people! \o/

    You don't even know that, and you're saying you want to become an exorcist! Get real! Depending on the "master" the fighting style changes. Bon's going to push himself until he gets both Aria and Dragoon. Oh yeah... Didn't Okumura-sensei also get Doctor and Dragoon? Yeah, go cool down...
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    Done One Piece 553

    Just to put my 2 cents in... 距離 can refer to the literal (physical) distance or it can also refer to a figurative distance. I this case it's definitely referring to the figurative distance in power between the parties. There's an emphasis that was placed on the raw on 本当 and 距離 and in cases...
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    Done Tranlation help please...

    Re: First Stab at Translating-Comments and Criticism greatly appreciated! Good job for your first try. :thumbs Here are a few corrections/comments. :amuse Could you be missing a particle here? こんにちは 飛行船ワイドの司会の能見靜です would make more sense. 司会 is a verb meaning to preside over. Chairwoman...
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    Feedback Problems with the site?

    Re: Page Problems We've gotten a few reports that the page problems are now fixed. But if you're still having problems, please post here. Thanks.
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    Feedback Problems with the site?

    It's most likely something with one (or more) of the ads. We're looking into it right now to figure it out.
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    Feedback Problems with the site?

    What browser are you using? And have you recently installed a new addon before this started? Our tech thinks it's some setting in your browser that's interfering with one of the ads. Also can you get screenshots or tell us which ad is in place when you get this error? That might help us narrow...
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    Support about sharing chapter with an online read

    All you need to know about releasing chapters and uploading to our servers (for read online and direct downloads) along with important information for scan groups is written in the Manga Editors Guide to MangaHelpers 2.3. Hope that helps. :)
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    Feedback Inquiries? Come on in!

    It's somewhere about halfway down on my list of things that need to be done and updates that need to be made. :sweat Just a lot of other stuff that's more priority atm. :p
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    Chapter Bleach 368 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 368 Discussion/369 Predictions Thread Reminder to everyone. This is a current chapter discussion/next chapter prediction thread. What Isshin's relation to SS in the past isn't the proper topic here. For that you can find the appropriate thread in the Biblioteca or take it to the...
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    Bleach Names and Meanings

    Not within the vizards. Tousen's name includes west. But as far as I'm aware there's no character that includes north in their name. (On the other hand I don't read Bleach anymore so it could be that I just don't know. :amuse But I did look up all the vizards names, so there definitely aren't...