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  1. Info The Original Characters Thread [NEW: Vol. 62!]

    Re: Naruto ~ Volume 38 : Original Character Do you have links to any of the others original characters?
  2. Chapter 361 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 361 Predictions [Naruto] I'm hoping Deidara will hurt him badly. This, in turn, will make him question his ability to fight Itachi. He'll probably then be saved by the rest of his teammates in Hebi, but will probably meet up with Naruto's squad soon too. Sasuke will probably try to dissuade...
  3. Question The Real Antagonist

    After Akatsuki, then what? I've recently started thinking about this. Now, I'm sure the whole Akatsuki ordeal that's going on right now won't be finished for quite some time, but I was wondering what people think will happen after they've been dealt with. Or, do you think the current arc will...