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    Question manga making book

    i wanted this book for so long in pdf format ; i tried all the sites suggested , but no luck so far, if anyone has it ,or know where to download , thanks in advance How to Pen & Ink: The Manga Start-Up Guide by Yasuhiro Nightow
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    Wanted: Artist rising sun residents

    hi everyone one question: is there anyone here who live in japan? im going there soon,and need some assistencen. if you are good with traditional/digital drawing,inking,toning,,,,,,,,, and live there, pm me ASAP.
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    Workshop Help me giving birth to a new comic book!!!

    hi you can post them in onlign websites that help your manga reach many viwers, like kickstarters or if there is any publishing house in your country you can pay them a visit.
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    Hangout The Sports Hang-Out Thread!

    Japanese capital benefited from the change of many of the Olympics competitions sites. Chief executive of the Organizing comittee for the planned summer Olympic in 2020,mr Toshiro Muto confirmed that they saved another 700 million dollars and possibly more than this amount as a result of...
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    Workshop Proper Tools for drawing manga

    hi everyone:^_^ i have a problem that needs real help .............. i just started learning about manga and stuff,and i really want to buy the proper tools to draw the characters i like, problem is manga tools are not available in my country,and shipping them from amazon is impossible...
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    Help Wanted hunting for the sun language user

    happy new year everyone this thread as you may have noticed by the obvious title is regarding a project of mine....but in a different way. i would like to know if there is a person in our beloved website,who can translate from english to japanese? i still have time to finish and shape up...
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    i found a cheap india ink in amazon for calligraphy i was wondering if it's good for manga drawing cuz they didn't provide info on that matter in the website ...and no one answered my question in the same website so who has some experience with manga supplies help me out here and thanks...
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    General Amateur Manga Discussion/Hangout Thread

    Re: Amateur Manga: Hangout hi guys i hope everyone doing good. i wanted to ask if anyone know a website who put manga contests and stuff .. some of this kind of competitions can really give the momentum to one's own project thanks
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    Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Discussion/ 348 Predictions

    why you guys stoped posting viz translation??? plz who has a link chare it.
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    Anime HxH MadHouse Anime Discussion! (Use Spoilers for safety...) - Part 4

    maybe if they cut off her tongue she can't harm no one with the sudden requests or can she?.
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    Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Discussion/ 348 Predictions

    i'm talking about how that nen would work so efficiently from that far from the source -ging- this is a property of emitters only.
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    Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Discussion/ 348 Predictions

    it's more like a nen skill than a nen ability... he mimic only the physical attacks... which are normally not that complicated. the types that are designed for such way of combat are mostly enhancers emitters ... personally i think ging is emitter type giving -the nen in the tape that work...
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    Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Discussion/ 348 Predictions

    is there any better translation guys??
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    Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Discussion/ 348 Predictions

    Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Spoilers no english trans yet??? if so when ? im so fucking hyped for the chap.