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  1. Brandish μ

    Conditional Erza vs Acnologia

    'The Queen of Fairies' Erza vs 'The King of Dragons' Acnologia Now before you flip that table, do read the conditions. Erza is in Benisakura - Red Pants. She cannot requip into anything else. One of her swords has been enchanted by Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. This is permanent Erza...
  2. Discussion Larcade Dragneel Thread

    So in this thread you can discuss anything related to Larcade (Rahkeid?) Dragneel. So first of the 2 obvious points the first is his relation to the Dragneel brothers, the 2nd is his power. So lets get started: 1) I personally don't think he related to the Dragneel brother by blood like...
  3. Nemispelled

    Discussion Proven Slayers vs. False Slayers (Official Character Profiles) [UPDATED w/ New Poll]

    ** List easily subjected to change ***I do not own any of the images, credit goes to their owners Official Slayer Character Profiles Proven Slayers Slayer #1: Acnologia Type: 1st Generation Dragon Title: Proven Dragon Slayer Status: Accomplished Reason: Proven worthy of being called...
  4. juviichan

    Fantasy Zeref Dragneel VS August VS Acnologia

    Zeref Dragneel: black arts ankhseram black magic fire magic living magic immobilization magic August: unknown, Makarov says that he holds every magic element that exist, his alias is "Magic king" Acnologia: DS magic who do you think will win? even tho we dunno about August`s power...
  5. Acnologia and end have fought before ..

    Its clear to me now .. natsu must have been an adult version of himself at some point in the past were he faught acnologiao r he fought him when he was a kid while in etherious form this is why acnologia fears him
  6. Canon Igneel vs Acnologia

    It is say in the manga that the dragons only have a fraction of their original power (that is why they hide on the dragon slayer's body) but still Igneel manage to fight 1-1 with acnologia and he even cut his arm... In normal conditions would Igneel beat Acnologia?
  7. dark123

    Discussion Natsu(END) Dragneel and(vs) Zeref Dragneel vs Acnologia

    Here we can discuss future interactions between brothers and Acnologia and also how fight between them will look like.
  8. kkck

    Discussion Connection between Natsu and Acnologia?

    Well, the thread is simple. Simply discussing what might be the ancient connection between natsu and acknologia. We already know natsu is END in some form or context however that does not really clarify his connection to zeref or acknologia. For a bit of context: The manga showed acknologia...
  9. FirenX

    Discussion Legendary Dragon Slayer Acnologia

    Who or what do you think is Acnologia exactly? What power does e had before turning into a dragon? What is his connection to Zere and thereforeto IGneel and maybe even Natsu? Maybe Zeref knows Natsu, because he is just a part (the ''good half'' of Acnologia himself and Zeref separated the two as...
  10. kkck

    Discussion Official Dragon Slayers Thread

    I have been thinking about this for a while; why did the dragons teach a bunch of kids the dragon slaying magic? On a first impression it would seem kind of dumb for a dragon to teach someone the magic that would be specifically serves the purpose of killing dragons. Another thing I find...