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alvarez empire

  1. Arjuna

    Discussion Bloodman Official Character Discussion Thread

    Bloodman Spriggan 12 Alias Grim Reaper Curses First Seal Second Seal Third Seal All Curses of 9DG Thorn Curse It is weird Bloodman is a such a popular Spriggan yet @MLG Bradman doesn't have any thread of his own.This will serve this very purpose.
  2. Arjuna

    Discussion Official DiMaria Yesta Thread

    As her friend Brandish and her husbando Larcade already has a thread of their own it is time @DiMaria Yesta gets a thread of her own Dimaria Team:Spriggan 12 Magic:Age Seal God Soul Take over(Chronos) Nickname:Valkyrie Current status:Imprisoned by FT Dimaria is one of the strongest...
  3. Arjuna

    Discussion Official Brandish μ Thread

    I don't believe @Brandish doesn't have an official thread of her own.Even Invel has one Brandish Team:Spriggan 12 Relatives:Grammy Magic:Command T Mass Manipulation Nickname:Country Demolisher Current status:Nearly defected to Fairytail.Great friends with Lucy,Happy and Natsu.Saved...
  4. Question What is August's Secret - August discussion thread

    The August discussion thread For any discussion, theories and predictions regarding the King of Magic. What is August' Secret Brandish had connections to Lucy's mom. DiMaria has Chronos Wahl was a Machina Neinhart had connections to Erza and Irene Bradman was a demon Larcade was a Dragneel God...
  5. Spirit

    Discussion Invel General Discussion Thread

    Character Introduction Series: Fairy Tail Name: Invel Alias: "The Winter General" Race: Human Gender: Male Hair Color: White Eye Color: Red Affiliation Alvarez Empire Occupation Shield of Spriggan Emissary of Alvarez Team Spriggan 12 Status Active Invel (インベル Inberu) is part of the Alvarez...
  6. Discussion Larcade Dragneel Thread

    So in this thread you can discuss anything related to Larcade (Rahkeid?) Dragneel. So first of the 2 obvious points the first is his relation to the Dragneel brothers, the 2nd is his power. So lets get started: 1) I personally don't think he related to the Dragneel brother by blood like...