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book of end

  1. Reason why Natsu will die from the book being destroyed/zeref dies

    Ok you know that zeref turned mard geer or whatever his name back into a book after natsu/gray defeated him. Heres the reason why he will die and cannot be turned into a human or anything like that, when END book is open the book will be absorbed into natsu just like mard geers book was...
  2. lord zeref

    Discussion Natsu Dragneel/E.N.D Thread

    Natsu Dragneel/E.N.D Thread Place to discuss Natsu/E.N.D, theories and predictions etc. Hi guys , i have a crazy theory about E.N.D if we rotate the word " E.N.D" we get this result as you see the letter E became M and N is Z as for the D let's...