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bunta marui

  1. ybr99

    Match Kite/Bunta vs. Shiraishi/Akutsu

    Kite/Bunta vs. Shiraishi/Akutsu 3 set match
  2. ybr99

    Match Tournament

    Small 4 person tournament split into groups. Speed Eiji VS Kamio Shishido VS Kenya Winner VS Winner Power Tetsu VS Tanishi Momoshiro VS Takeshi Winner VS Winner The Unknowns Shinji VS Yuuta Wakashi VS Krauser Winner VS Winner The Pairs Inui VS Kaidou Bunta VS Jirou...
  3. Kaoz

    Match Mouri/Oishi vs Marui/Kite

    Current stats: Mouri - SPE 5, POW 4, STA 4, MEN 6, TEC 5 Oishi - SPE 2, POW 2, STA 4, MEN 3, TEC 4 Marui - SPE 4, POW 2, STA 3, MEN 3, TEC 5 Kite - SPE 4, POW 3, STA 4, MEN 4, TEC 5 You've got it the wrong way around. For breaking WC, Moon Volley should suffice since it's a highly accurate...
  4. Kaoz

    Doubles Final - Marui/Kaidou vs Shiraishi/Matsudaira

    Doubles Final NameMarui BuntaGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayApril 20thHeight164 cmWeight62 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleServe and Volley NameKaidou KaoruGradeMiddle School 2nd YearBirthdayMay 11thHeight173 cmWeight57 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleCounter Puncher VERSUS...
  5. Kaoz

    Doubles Semifinal - Miyako/Yanagi vs Marui/Kaidou

    Doubles Semifinal NameMiyako ShinobuGradeHigh School 3rd YearBirthdayJune 28thHeight184 cmWeight73 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleAll Rounder NameYanagi RenjiGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayJuly 4thHeight181 cmWeight67 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleCounter Puncher VERSUS NameMarui...
  6. Kaoz

    Doubles Round 1 Block B - Chitose/Inui vs Marui/Kaidou

    Doubles Round 1 Block B NameInui SadaharuGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayJune 3rdHeight184 cmWeight62 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleServe and Volley NameChitose SenriGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayDecember 31stHeight194 cmWeight81 kgHandednessLeftPlaystyleAll Rounder VERSUS...
  7. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Doubles 1

    Determine the strongest Doubles pair of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  8. Kaoz

    [Round 2 - Team 1 vs Team 12 Doubles 1] Marui/Kite vs Tachibana/Chitose

    Doubles 1Marui Bunta Kite EishirouTachibana Kippei Chitose SenriTitle - HitmanWings of KyuushuSchoolRikkai Dai Fuzoku 3rd Year Higa 3rd YearFudomine 3rd Year Shitenhouji 3rd YearHeight164 cm 179 cm179 cm 194 cmWeight62 kg 72 kg67 kg 81 kgDominant HandRight LeftRight LeftPlaystyleServe...
  9. sisco

    Theory battle vs the top ten high schoolers match order/outcome prediction

    my predication of the matches look something like this doubles 3 #9 ochi/#10 mouri vs niou/atobe = niou/atobe win doubles 2 #8 tohno/#7kimijima vs marui/kite = tohno/kimiijima win (to me it's hinted slightly that tohno and kimijima might be doubles partners. i REALLY hope kimijima isn't...