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  1. Petrit Zeneli

    Theory "Ghoul Ancestors" and "Bloodlines"..."Hybrid Theory"..."Dormant Genes"

    Guy's and Gals can you take a look at this theory and let me know what you think please? Since I've been reading Tokyo Ghoul for quite some time I've noticed that Humans and Ghouls are no different from each other, but can "Dormant Ghoul genes" hide for many decades and even centuries?…I've...
  2. Theory Eto's true intentions for Kaneki

    Just finished reading an incredibly detailed theory about Eto's continued interest in Kaneki and potential goals. There are a lot of great points and relation to biblical stories that would fit in well with TG. Let me know your guys thoughts ...
  3. Ncf16

    Question Manager Request To Kaneki

    In chapter 119 the Manager said he would like to see if Kaneki could help his child, and now we know who this child is and what said child has done. I would like your guys opinion: Do you think should Kaneki honor the request ? Is it even worth to follow through with the request taking into...