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genryuusai yamamoto

  1. BLEACH Video Reviews

    hello everyone i made a video about the most 5 stronger shingami, and i need to know do you agree with me or not ? and why ? here is the video
  2. henhead

    Discussion Hitsugaya as the next "Yamamoto" in the distant future. Who would be stronger you think?

    Yama had the strongest fire Zanpaktou amongst the folks in Gotei 13 (i'm leaning towards the idea that this is so because of Yama's strong nature influencing his Assauchi to become the strongest fire-type Zan.) Anyone else think maybe Hitsugaya might become a force like Yama and have the...
  3. Pat

    Discussion Who's the better villain, Yhwach or Aizen?

    Well, Yhwach is in Royal Dimension and on his way to dethrone the Soul King, something which Aizen couldn't come close. His army also did considerable damage in SS, Yamamoto being one of the chief casualties. He also has historical significance as far as we know, he even seems to be acquainted...
  4. Immo

    Discussion 9999 song

    So from what I understand, 900 years after fight with Yamamoto, Bach got his body back, then 90 years later his memory, then 9 years later his power, and THEN after 9 days he should regain his "World" (basic logic). Now my question: Why did he say that World gonna end in 9 days from now...
  5. Predictions Captains and their Advantage

    With the death of Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and the badass Retsu Unohana (both from the strongest 1st Generation), I think it signaled the new generation and captaincy of the Gotei 13. As we all know, Shunsui Kyoraku is the new Captain-Commander and 1st Division Captain with Nanao Ise and...
  6. jimtors

    Discussion Is Yamamoto Weaker than the Royal Guards?

    If this question is asked or has a different thread, please guide me to it, and this one can be deleted by the admin... I just want to know... concerned citizen....:nerd