1. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Theories of the Four Races

    Hi everyone, I've set up this thread to discuss the origins and relationships between the 4 main races in Bleach; that is, Humans, Hollows, Shinigami and Quincies. Firstly, I have a theory that these 4 races are connected to each other, and I'll explore my theory for those connections...
  2. Discussion "races" and connection's between them

    I wanted to talk in this topic about "races"(humans, hollows, shinigami, quincy and others), differences between them, how they are connected to each other and how they affect each other. I wanted to say that it's weird how well humans, hollows, shinigami and quincy fit together, like they were...
  3. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Theory of Bleach - Origin of the Species

    Hi folks, I've started this thread to go into detail about the theory that I have about the variety of "species" that we've seen in Bleach. This is by no means completely accurate or supported by evidence. The Original Soul Lifecycle - Humans and Pluses The original soul life cycle...
  4. conn-man

    General What Ichigo is showing us

    Ichigo, in the spiritual themed universe of Bleach, seems to be collecting spiritual existences.. becoming a culmination of all the 'species' of Kubo's astral depiction. So I have to ask, what does Kubo ultimately have planned for Ichigo to become?