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  1. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Influences on Zanpakutou: Ichigo/Isshin and Matsumoto/Gin

    Hi folks, I was watching episode 307 of Bleach (dubbed) where Gin turns on Aizen, and a thought occurred to me; the whole thing with Gin's Zanpakutou turning into dust kinda reminds me of Matsumoto's ability to turn her Zanpakutou into ash! So I had this crazy theory.....can one Zanpakutou...
  2. Discussion Extrapolating Isshin's, Shunsui's and Ukitake's bankai

    - Shunsui : The theme seems to be a duality between childish, nice guy behaviour (his usual apparent personality, and the first half of the release chant : "the petal storm swirls, the flower god sings") and a darker side (his ruthlessness in combat, the second part of the release chant : "the...
  3. Discussion Has Kubo been inconsistent with Isshin's portrayal?

    After reading the latest chapter, it seemed to me like Isshin acted like a complete dumbass by trusting Urahara so quickly, given the events that lead up to that point. Let's look at what has happened so far in this flashback: - A strange Hollow appears in the Human World and Isshin goes...