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kuchiki rukia

  1. Quantized

    Discussion Byakuya & Kenpachi ~ Rivalry, opposite characters, yet similar role in story.

    It's been a possible prediction for a good while now, but it seems that there are little next to no discussion on the area, so here we go! Kenpachi and Byakuya are complete opposites, for one Kenpachi is from the slums, and Byakuya is from the highest level of society, a Noble. Byakuya is...
  2. Sanadan

    How did Ichigo get his zanpakuto?

    Ok, as I understand it from the latest chapter the Zans are handed out by the Zan man in the Royal Guard. Now if this is true then Rukia once got her as well and when she stabbed Ichigo he got all of her power. This meant her Zan too right? But wouldn't this Zan be Rukias? Ichigo never went to...

    Will Ichigo get romantically involved with someone?

    i am sure there is a thread about this already, and i realize this is a shounen type anime/manga just curious to see who you guys think ichigo will wind up with at then end if their will be a romantic relationship at all if there is a thread about this already moderators feel free to move...
  4. Jamil2009

    Question Is Byakuya IN LOVE With Rukia?

    Once more, GREETINGS to you all. I'm back with another juicy thread (hehehe). Though this may be highly controversial and might sound off at first instance it does seem probable at least that Byakuya really does love his kid sister. Considering that he told Sode no Shirayuki "I would kill...