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masaki kurosaki

  1. danzouismadara

    Discussion What made quincies so wicked?

    How do you think Juha Bach gained his ability? Did the soul king create him? Why was quincy world sealed? What made juha bach become so ruthless. I think it's ironic that evil villains use holiness as they their sole motivation. Why attack shinigami so vehemently when the quincies original...
  2. Discussion Has Kubo been inconsistent with Isshin's portrayal?

    After reading the latest chapter, it seemed to me like Isshin acted like a complete dumbass by trusting Urahara so quickly, given the events that lead up to that point. Let's look at what has happened so far in this flashback: - A strange Hollow appears in the Human World and Isshin goes...
  3. kisuke u.

    Discussion Why Bach Wants to Recruit Ichigo?

    Why Bach wants to recruit ichigo? – Because of Masaki, - Or because he is a hybrid/quincy. Note : Bach (somewhat) denied being an enemy to ichigo. He wanted to take ichigo with them but couldn’t succeed because he ran out of time. However he did take care to give ichigo some hints about...