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monkey d luffy

  1. Vizard

    Movie One Piece Stampede

  2. MBVC

    Fantasy Luffy vs Marco

    A general comparison before Luffy takes on Kaido. It's well known that Garp was way stronger than Marco during the war. Therefore Luffy must climb above the phoenix wall with ease before he is allowed to enter the most exclusive monsters club: Roger, WB, Garp and Sengoku during their prime...
  3. Captain Josh

    Soundtrack One Piece AMV My first AMV, please tell me what you guys think about it. [hr] My second one, I think this one is alot better, please let me know what you think of both.
  4. Fantasy Luffy (at the end of one piece) vs Gol D Roger

    Lets say one piece series ends like 10~15 years later (or whenever oda feels like ending it) Luffy finds one piece and becomes the pirate king Who would win? new pirate king luffy vs former pirate king gol d roger