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nimaiya ooetsu

  1. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Nimaiya's Basis for Asauchi & Zanpakutou Manifestation

    Recently it's been stated that Nimaiya invented the Asauchi, which is used by Shinigami to manifest their Zanpakutou. So the question is, how exactly did Nimiaya come up with its construction? I'll also explain my theory on how this relates to Hollow Zanpakutou! The first thing I'll look at...
  2. Sanadan

    How did Ichigo get his zanpakuto?

    Ok, as I understand it from the latest chapter the Zans are handed out by the Zan man in the Royal Guard. Now if this is true then Rukia once got her as well and when she stabbed Ichigo he got all of her power. This meant her Zan too right? But wouldn't this Zan be Rukias? Ichigo never went to...